Wonderful And Gorgeous Water Drop Art

Have you noticed everything around you comes alive after a shower of rainfall? This lovely effect is no doubt because rain has the capacity to make everything look more verdant, vibrant and clean. But there is more – it is the way cute water drops seem to make everything appear jeweled and shining that adds to the charm of the scenario. Is it then any wonder that artists have found this inspiring and have worked at capturing this aspect in many forms of art? In this article, let us look at the many types of water drop art and how much fun it can be. It could even take on the form of unique and utterly captivating umbrella art to drizzle you with joy, after all who can imagine umbrellas and rains without water drops?





It would not be beyond the realm of creativity and imagination to think that stylish garden chandelier ideas have been inspired by the way water drops capture light and reflect it in the most charming way. In fact, the glittering and glossy glass bead art to make you glow could as well be inspired by the way light reflects on water drops.





The thing about water drop art, is that you can go about doing it using many art forms. For instance, capturing a particular scene as it can be seen reflected on water drops through the lens of your camera can be fun. You will need to get the light composition and the angles right in order to ensure that it looks as good if not better than when you view it with the naked eye. Or you can use your camera to capture the way water drops after rainfall or snowfall seem to make everything around you bejeweled.





If you are the kind who likes to be more hands on with your artistic inclinations, then the camera may seem like an impersonal way of capturing these images. In such cases, we suggest that you start by learning to draw a water drop and that too using the humble pencil. Let us tell you that it is not easy at all and requires a great deal of skill, observation and creativity. Once you have mastered the black and white version of the water drops, you can always experiment with other medium.





Another perspective that you can take on the water drop art is that of viewing things through a pane covered in water drops and creating art from this point of view. This could consist once again of capturing the images using the camera, the pencil or your brush. Or you can use water drop like effects to decorate something mundane and make it look sublime. There is something to be said for the perfect and luminescent symmetry of water drops that is so pretty even though we all know it is not permanent.





The look that is created by water drops on anything has been likened to crystals and probably could have been the inspiration for all those elaborate chandeliers that you see around. Have you ever thought that the crystals hanging off the chandelier look a lot like water drops suspended among all that light for all eternity?





We are sure by now you must be eager to look at the many pictures we have given here around the topic of water drops. And there is no doubt in our mind that you will find them endlessly fascinating though your brain will try to tell you that these are just droplets of water that have been captured very artfully.


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