Unique And Utterly Captivating Umbrella Art To Drizzle You With Joy

If you are a fan of the rains and happen to live in an area where it rains a fair bit, then we are sure that you have often looked out of the windows or the balcony only to be met with the sight of several people walking around carrying umbrellas. The sight may have often made you wish that you had the skill to set up a canvas and capture this sight on to a simple but enchanting painting. We are sure that you may have moved on to the next best thing, which is of clicking pictures of these scenario in front of you. Art using umbrellas will not have the grace that elegant wall painting ideas for your beloved home will have but they will surely be full of joy. This is because there is something so soft and romantic about the concept of going out in the rain holding up an umbrella while the drops just about miss pelting you is a concept that never ages or becomes boring unless you are one of those who hate the rains.

umbrella 2

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There is so much playfulness in such umbrella art that one would not be wrong in associating these with wonderful and winning western and cowboy paintings, which also have an old fashioned joy and romance about them that is undeniable. Or take for instance those beautiful and interesting Indian paintings that have tried to capture a moment in time and it is not out of the normal to compare umbrella art to them as they too try to capture a moment in time.

umbrella art 11

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The thing about umbrella art is that it can be done in many ways. For instance, it can be done in the form of an abstract painting where nothing is shown explicitly but is shown by subtle implications that are left to the imagination of the onlooker. In the more direct forms of art, where umbrellas are depicted, the scene is very clear and one can see what the person carrying the umbrella is doing and the way he or she feels. But that is not the way abstracts work and this can be an interesting way to make umbrella art.

umbrella art 18

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umbrella art 25

There is always an element of playfulness or childlike glee in umbrella paintings as it is always a temptation for people to want to jump in and out of puddles and get themselves wet even as they are carrying an umbrella for protection. What is more umbrella art tends to depict the umbrella in stark black in some instances and in many vivid colors in others as is the case with umbrellas in real life too. One of the best ways in which umbrella art is used is to show a person standing in the heavy rain with an umbrella. The emotional makeup and body language of the person implies that he or she is waiting for someone regardless of the pouring rain.

umbrella art 26

umbrella art 27

umbrella art 28

umbrella art 29

umbrella art 30

umbrella art 31

This scene is almost a clichéd concept when it comes to umbrella art and the reason that it is so is because it works so well. As you know the objective of art is to evoke emotions in you and this painting definitely does that. In fact, most umbrella art does that and this is why it is such an attractive choice as an art subject. Ranging from the most innocent of scenarios to the most profound there are many choices when it comes to umbrella art.  What is more, each period has its own take on the umbrella art as the landscape keeps changing due to the changing times and circumstances.


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