Glittering And Glossy Glass Bead Art To Make You Glow

If you are the kind who likes glass beads (we cannot think of anyone who doesn’t), then this article will send you in a frenzy to buy as many glass beads as possible so that you can try some of the suggestions that we have given here. We know that the first thought that comes to mind when you think of glass beads is jewelry and we don’t blame you but this article will try to take you beyond the realm of jewelry making though that is included too. The use of glass beads can definitely be used for making stained glass art and jewelry ideas that will have you decorating yourself and your home with a glittering finish. The thing is that glass beads are so pretty that we are sure that just the sight of them can make you want to make pretty things around them but the only caution is that you should restrict yourselves and work at other projects too.

glass bead art 1

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Off the top of our head, one of the projects that we can think of is that of DIY wind chime ideas to try this summer that will make a delightful use of glass beads. Of course, you can always think of how to use beads on clothes and jewelry till you are bored of doing this and then move on to some of the projects that we have suggested. And speaking of suggestions for glass bead art, here are a few ideas and suggestions. Do look at them and also the images that are added along with this article to send your mind into an excited tizzy to get started.

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Vases and candle stands: This idea is something that will make you dance with joy as it actually means that you can use the leftover bits from all your glass bead projects to put inside a nice glass vase or container to make into vases and candle stands. This will add a glitter factor to your floral and candle arrangements at your place. If you are really in a mood for a bit of crafts mode, then you can actually stick the beads on to a vase or candle stand to make elaborate arrangements.

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Hanging pieces: Glass beads can be strung together and arranged in many ways to make all sorts of hanging ornaments for decoration. For instance, you can actually create a curtain made of glass beads if you are in the mood for something like that. Or create a wind chime that will glitter and tinkle much to your delight every time the wind blows.

glass bead art 14

glass bead art 15

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glass bead art 17

Silly art: You can rope in your kids to do these sort of things like a frog with bulging eyes or something equally cute. These quirky and cute bits of bead art will be something that you can indulge in along with your kids (if you have them) or by yourself to ensure that you do some happy work that also additional helps you beautify your home.

glass bead art 19

glass bead art 20

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glass bead art 22

Wall decorations: In this step, we are looking at some serious art, which means a lot of effort and remarkable skill but still fun to do. The thing about glass beads is that they do have a certain cheerful beauty to them that it will actually inspire you to do a lot of good work using your creativity and imagination.

glass bead art 23

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The above suggestions we have made are besides the original idea of using beads on clothing and jewelry or on purses to give them a festive look. Do tell us if you have tried some of them and do share images with us.


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