Evocative And Exquisite Earthy Art Paintings

If you are one of those, who likes to think that art with a purpose is worthier than art for the sake of art, then you will love the concept that we are going to write about in this article. In this article, we are going to look at certain aspects of earthy art or land art, which believes that art cannot exist in isolation from nature or the land. If there can be utterly beautiful rusted metal art works, which is basically corrugated metal that has been made into a thing of beauty, why can’t the many beautiful things that our earth has be made into or inspire art? Once you start getting into it, there are so many aspects of our lovely planet to inspire art and the possibilities become endless.







And we are not just talking about modern, magical and memorable metal art but the kind of art that people from the past found the wherewithal to do on the walls of the cave when even survival was difficult for them. Just think of their lives at that time, huge animals always wanting to eat you up, food that had to be hunted while facing a lot of dangers, shelter that had to be sought and fought for and clothing that could be hard to come by. In spite of all these factors and the immense dangers the people of our past faced, they still found it important to come up with some works of art. And it is not as if they could run to the nearest art supply store to stock up on their art materials. They probably had to find what worked through a lot of trial and error. That is why one should always take the time to enjoy and acknowledge vivacious and wonderful village art for your wonderment.






The thing about earthy art paintings is that there is a huge scope for the kind of topics that you can work with. As the word earth basically encapsulates the whole world in essence, it could mean anything at all. It could represent the deep and dark mysteries of the forests that are one of our most important assets. Or it could consist of the amazing and huge species of animals, birds, and insects within these forests. And if forests are not really your thing, then you can turn to the water bodies and wonders they offer, which are numerous.







In case you feel that these are too run of the mill and common, do not despair, there are many mysteries and wonders that have been unexplored. And if you mean to make a really different kind of art, then look for earthy features that you can convert into a work of art. Even something like the shadow of a tree on a wall can be converted into a work of art. But the only caution here is that you should ensure that any earthy art that you create should not have over refined as well as over the top look of something contrived. For instance, how hedges of gardens are cut into animal shapes, which though nice can by no means be considered earthy art.







We would be remiss if we did not mention the kind of art that even today indigenous tribes around the world seem to make. They seem to add a symbolic aspect to art by taking something from nature to create it but also create it in such a way that it glorifies nature itself. This is something that every artist could learn even if they are not into earthy art as such but are into other forms of art.


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