Vivacious And Wonderful Village Art For Your Wonderment

Art is more than just the form or medium that is used to create the art. It is not only about the creativity of the artist and his or her imagination but also the subject that inspires the work of art. In this article we will focus on works of art that is inspired by villages. By villages, we mean those rural areas where the influence of the city is very minimal and where the vistas are closer to nature than they would be in other areas. The village theme does have a lot of merits and that is why people go for country club décor for weddings. We are not saying here that cities do not have a charm all their own as is proven with these magical pictures of London, which will leave you enchanted.

village art 1

village art 2

village art 3

village art 4

While village art will not be exactly nature inspired works of art that will make you smile, they have a bucolic charm all of their own.

village art 28

village art 30

village art 33

The thing about village art or art with villages as their theme or main subject is that they can never be boring or that you can never run out of ideas. This is because while we describe any collection of residences and other establishments in rural areas as villages, we have to remember that villages from different areas will have distinct characteristics of their own that will reflect the local area. For instance, a village in Russia is going to be different from a village in China.

village art 6

village art 7

village art 8

village art 9

This is not only due to the geographical differences and the climatic differences but the differences in the way people live their lives. Everything from the simple to the most intricate is going to differ. That is why when you take up village art, you will have to study every aspect of the village on which that you are planning to base your art on. This will ensure that you have the right elements in your village art from the play of light, the flora, the fauna, the type of residences and the way people look. All these factors will change from one village to another based on the location of the village.

village art 15

village art 16

village art 17

village art 19

Of course, since we are talking about art, there is also going to be an element of fantasy in it. You can always imagine what an ideal village (according to you) will look like and draw and paint it. in effect it will be the art of your dreams and fantasies, which is not at all a bad thing for an artist to do. You can create village art by many means including painting, drawing, sculptures, and even the creation of mural art.

village art 20

village art 21

village art 22

village art 23

When you sit down to consider the many cultures and geographies around the world, you will realize that village art does indeed have a huge scope once you decide to cover as many as possible in your art. What is more, village art is not just about recreating the village look but also capturing the uniqueness of each village. Then comes another aspect where you also have to consider the way villages look in different lighting like day, afternoon, evening, and night.

village art 24

village art 25

village art 26

The images we have given here will give you a starting point for your village art. Once you have an idea about how village art works, you can start studying villages from your own point of view. You will find that the same village recreated by two different artists would look absolutely different because art is more to do with perception and creativity than about simply copying a scene.


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