How To Make Your Own Scented Candles At Home

Candles are a great and a very simple way to create a nice romantic atmosphere around the home or for that matter any set up. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that the soft and wavering lights of a candle make a woman look prettier and more mysterious due to the creation of light and shadows due to their use. And if the candle also had a nice scent, then it would only add to the whole ambience. In fact, you will find many ways to use candles in the bathroom for special nights. That is why it makes sense that you learn the art of candle making and gain some information about it. Because it will often happen that you may find candles of the kind of scent that you prefer or if you do, then they are too expensive to buy. Once you learn how to make your own scented candles at home, you will find the process not only easy but also addictive and economical.


In fact, the next time you decide to try your hand at some do-it-yourself centerpieces made easy, you can take a lot of pride in using candles that you made on your own.


Here is the process you need to follow in order to make your own scented candles at home:

The first order of business would be to select glass jars that you will be using to make the candles. You have to make sure that these are heat proof and will not crack when the hot wax is poured into them. Before you start the process of making the candles, you will need to put these glass bottles and containers in the oven at very low heat to condition them enough to be able to take the melted wax.


You can either buy the wicks with the metal collar fixed on them but if you want to do this by yourself, then you can do so. It is simply a matter of cutting the wick to the right length and then fitting it on the metal collar and tightening it so that it will not come off. Place the wick in the middle of the glass container and be careful while doing so as it is going to be hot. Then hold the wick in the center by placing two thin sticks on each side across the top of the jar.


Ensure that you know which type of wax you will be working with and how much you can heat it. Another factor that you have to remember is that you will need to use double the amount of wax flakes when compared to the measure of the container in which you will be making the candles. Then proceed to use a double boiler to melt the wax; we advise you to keep a constant eye on the wax to ensure that you do not overheat it and end up cracking the glass or hurting yourself.


Use bits of nontoxic colored crayons of the colors that you want the candle to finally turn out to be and stir until the color is evenly spread out. To test the intensity of the color of the wax, drop bits of it on to a smooth surface to cool it and check. Once you finish this process, allow the wax to cool a lot before adding a few drops of the essential oils of which you want the scented candles to smell like. Then pour this mixture carefully on to the glass jars and containers you had prepared earlier. You will have to do this slowly in order to avoid air pockets. Ensure that you top up the wax sufficiently to avoid an indentation in the center.


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