The Art Of Candle Making – Some Information About It!

As has often been said, art can take on all forms and not all of them need you to be especially talented. One of the ways you can indulge your love of getting into art is by making candles. This does not mean that making candles is easy; it is just that with the right kind of equipment and the right raw material, this is one form of art that you can really work at improving. It is not as tough as these stunning examples of sand sculptures look to be.

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Handling the wax to make candles may seem akin to handling butter for these gorgeous butter sculptures, but the thing about candles is that they have a better shelf life and can come in handy for utilitarian as well as decorative purposes. Another thing about the art of candle making is that once you master it, you need not bother with how you will keep them intact as you have to about ice sculpture.

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Here Are Some Things That You Need To Know About Candle Making:

The supplies: Making candles will require you to stock up on things like wax, moulds, something to melt the wax, the wick and the other thing that you need is to stock up on fragrances if you want to make candles that are scented.

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Getting started: The prudent thing to do before you go about making candles would be to read up a little about the process. This way you can avoid any hazards that may occur. One of the things that is often cautioned about candle making is that one should use a double boiler to melt the wax if you are doing it on the stove. Though the process is pretty slow, is better to do this.

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Adding fragrance: Another thing that you ought to hone your knowledge about is how much fragrant oil you should add. The fact is that the wax you use to make the candle can only hold a certain amount of oil and the rest will only seep out. Since the essential oils that are used in candle making are expensive, it would be better if you studied these proportions and then went about using the oils accordingly.

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Learn about wicks: One of the essential components of making candles is knowing about the wick, which is the part that will be used to light the candle. To begin with, the sensible thing to do is buy wicks that are already waxed and ready to use and go about preparing the wicks from scratch once you have mastered the art of candle making.

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Start with simple shapes: You can start your endeavor of making candles with simple ones that you can add some color to and use as centerpieces on your dining table etc. Once you are confident about the process of melting and molding the candles, you can go more ambitious shapes and projects.

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As you can see the art of candle making is simple enough for most people to master unlike hardcore artistic activities like sculpting or even painting. It is something that you can indulge in when you feel the artistic urge getting to you. Two other aspects of candle making that makes it so attractive is the fact that it is not that expensive and the fact that candles are art that can be put to practical use. In case you are the type who is seeking a project to fulfill your artistic urges, then candle making could be one of the option that you could look at in this regard.


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