Curiously Concentrated And Focused Concept Art

We believe that all art has a purpose even if it is only to please your senses and get you thinking. That is why, we always talk of artists of any genre as being humans with a creative and imaginative mind as they even if unconsciously have a deep and real thought process based on which they come up with their work of art. We believe that any art starts with the thought and the concept behind it even if the process of coming up with the idea is not a structured process and seems more instinctual, which it also is. This article will look at a branch of art that is called concept art, in that it looks and is based on a specific concept. In many instances, concept art is the base for films and video games. These are illustrations based on a particular concept to give the technicians and other crew a direction on which the end product (the movie or series or the game) should be based on. The fact is that all art has a concept behind it even if you are talking about beautiful examples of abstract expressionism art works, which are supposed to be well… abstract.

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The thing is whatever you are creating whether it is a movie or the pretty and perfect concept of porcelain painting, there is a lot of thought and visualization that goes into it. The main difference when it comes to concept art is that the process of coming up with and leading to the concept is a more conscious and planned process when compared to other forms of art. It is like the process that could be part of coming up with incredibly artistic abstract tattoo designs, which do require more thought and consideration than the average person on the street would realize.

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Earlier on, the process of creating concept art for a movie could have been very labor rich since the artists in question did not really have access to the kind of tools that we have today. But whether the concept art is done manually or using some kind of digital tool, the amount of thought, creativity and skills that go into it cannot be denied. Just thinking about this, makes us appreciate the games that we tend to play on our phones, tablets and computers. We are sure that this kind concept art would start with a rough story line which then would be fleshed out with characters and places. Then the whole thing would be literally transferred the imagination to something more tangible.

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While this sounds simple enough to do in theory, we are sure that it is anything but because the end product may have to be tweaked a lot to meet the imagination of the person who is doing the concept. And the more we explore concept art, the more it becomes clear to us that this kind of art is never static but something dynamic that keeps evolving as you keep working on it. In fact, when you place the concept art and compare it to the actual stages of a game or the different scenes of the movie, you realize how much work goes into it. This is because not only does the concept art have to capture the visual elements but also the mood and the emotions of the frame that it is supposed to represent.

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Exploring the nuances of concept art has given us a renewed and definitely increased amount of respect for those in the film industry and those in the gaming arena. We are sure that you agree with us on this one.


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