Awesome Hair Drawings For Fashion And Art Too

What does fashion have to with art or vice versa? We are sure on this subject, many of us would be clearly divided into two distinct sections – one that firmly believes that fashion and art are seriously intertwined and one who believes that one has got nothing to do with the other. We suggest that you read this article no matter which faction your thinking leans towards. Because we are going to make some points that will have even the biggest non-believers thinking about it if not accepting that art has an influence on fashion if the other way around may not be that powerful an influence. Before you start wondering what we are going on about, we suggest that you look at the title again which will tell you that this article is about awesome hair drawing. Which in essence means, that we are going to be looking at the art of drawing hair, which is difficult to separate from the fashion genre. If you are still not a believer of the interconnection between art and fashion, we invite you to look at fashion illustrations to keep you engaged.

hair drawing 1

hair drawing 2

hair drawing 3

hair drawing 4

hair drawing 5

hair drawing 6

Alternatively, you could look at the art of fashion designing and glean some interesting insights into it. If that does not convince you about the connection between art and fashion, then we give you luscious and lovely lip art to make you and others smile. By this time, we can almost visualize you shrugging, throwing up your hands in a gesture of surrender and smiling as you see our point. Even if you are not at that level of agreement, taking a peek at the images of hair drawings that we have added along with the article should convince you that art and fashion have a lot to do with visuals and there lies their commonality.

hair drawing 7

hair drawing 8

hair drawing 9

hair drawing 10

hair drawing 11

hair drawing 12

The thing is that to draw hair well, you have to be not only aware of the colors and the structure, but also about the necessity to create texture and that too visually. While discussing texture or the lack of it is easy enough, if you are an artist of any kind, you know that creating a textural look visually is not at all easy and takes a lot of study and practice. For that to happen, you have to look at hair and not just see it. Which in essence means hours of looking at hair and how it frames the face and how it adds or takes away from the features of the person’s face.

hair drawing 13

hair drawing 14

hair drawing 16

hair drawing 17

hair drawing 18

hair drawing 19

It also means studying the way it lies on the shape of a person’s head in some instances changing the shape of the face and head and in some instances being true to the shape of the face and head. You will have to be able to master the creation of a three dimensional effect but one that is not too deep because we are talking about hair here not some kind of structure. You will have to master the way it flows and sometimes veers away in a few errant strands. Or the way it lies there like a sheet that is straight but without compromising the character of the individual strands.

hair drawing 20

hair drawing 21

hair drawing 22

hair drawing 24

hair drawing 23

hair drawing 26

Or the way hair can form waves to make a person look romantic or the way it curls in a soft way. In some instances, hair can also look aggressive and wiry and you need to be able to capture that. If you ask any artist who is drawing a face, they will tell you drawing the hair is as important as the rest of the elements if not more.


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