Vitally Wonderful Wine Glass Designs To Make You Smile

If you ask an adult what is the best part of being a grownup, they are most likely to point out that being able to enjoy a glass is wine is definitely on the top of the list. Jokes apart, wine in moderation not only helps your digestion, keep you mellow but is also supposed to pump you with antioxidants to keep you healthy. However, we are not going to argue here about the merits of wine or the fact that some people live to drink and some love to drink. We are going to be talking about wine glass designs that can make you feel wonderful just by looking at them leave alone drinking from them. You may want to use alcohol ink on glass to do some of the art work and you could learn how to do that.

wine glass designs 1

wine glass designs 2

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Alternatively, you can take up painting on glass objects, which can be a fascinating project to do and while you are at it, you can take a swipe or two on wine glasses. While we are on wine glasses and art on them, we should also tell you that there are intelligent ways to use your old wine bottles, which can be a worthy art project to take up. There are many ways in which you can vitally design and decorate wonderful wine glasses to make you and others smile.

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Here Are Some Ideas For You To Get You Started:

First you need wine glasses: If you drink wine, then you are unlikely to want to use your frequently used glasses for making art. You can start by using wine glasses that are not in use because of a chip or scratch but do not have the heart to throw away. These glasses can be used as part of your art project. It would be like you are paying homage to all the joy that using that wineglass brought you when you used it to drink wine.

wine glass designs 10

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Then you need art supplies: Once you have started thinking about using wineglasses as part of an art project, we are sure that the next step would be to collect art supplies. Yes, this will depend on the kind of work you want to do. For instance, if you want to write a simple quote on the wine glass then all you need is paints that will stay on the glass without smudging or fading. But if your ambitions are bigger, then the supplies will have to be more extensive accordingly.

wine glass designs 16

wine glass designs 18

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wine glass designs 20

You also need creative ideas: We were not sure whether this point should have come before the part about the art supplies point. But having placed it here, you should know that having some creative ideas would help you get started. But if you cannot think of any, the images we have given here will send you in the right direction. Any art project that you may take up need not be an exact replica of what we have given here but can be done with a few tweaks that appeal to you.

wine glass designs 21

wine glass designs 22

wine glass designs 23

wine glass designs 24

wine glass designs 25

wine glass designs 25

wine glass designs 26

wine glass designs 27wine glass designs 40

You will find that art involving wineglasses is a simple and effective way to decorate your wall unit in the dining area or even the drawing room. Do remember that having glass objects will require careful handling and cleaning.


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