Painting On Glass Objects; A Fascinating Art Project!

Painting on glass? Yes, it can be something to consider and it only makes even more sense when you consider how glass makes things look different even when you place objects within. Things appear smaller or bigger and colors also tend to look different. This along with the fact that it is useful, makes painting on glass objects such an amazing and fascinating art project. We can always realize how much potential glass has in the way of an art project by looking at the amazing art works created by blowing glass.

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Some of the oldest buildings that are still getting admiration and have many fascinated visitors coming there to look at them also have some remarkable examples of stained glass art over the ages. In case you are planning a glass art painting project, then these glass painting pattern ideas and designs will set you in the right direction.

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Before You Go About Starting Your Next Art Project By Painting Glass, Here Are Some Things That You Should Think Of:

What is the glass object that you are going to paint: This is really important if you are considering painting a glass bowl or glass that you are going to eat or drink out of. In such cases, make sure that the paint you are using is harmless if consumed and that it does not come off and leak particles into the food or drink. Only certain kinds of paint can stand thus kind of use. But if the object you are using is something that is not going to be used for other purposes like for decoration or  for storing things that are not going to be consumed, then you can pick out paints of other kinds. What is more generally speaking do not paint from the inside if the container in question for the glass painting project is going to be used for drinking or eating?

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Where the painted glass is going to be stored: Sometimes you may find that using watercolors is easier but it may not be that practical if the object you are painting is going to be exposed to water or even humidity. In such cases you are better off using acrylic or oil based paints. Also consider if the object is going to be handled a lot and the effect of the paint fumes on the people who are going to handle it before selecting the type of paints that you are going to use.

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Some techniques that you can use for painting on glass:

Glass painting from within: This is probably very difficult to do especially if you are going to be painting a particular design that needs to be drawn and painted within. If you are going for more of an abstract kind of design then this should work out slightly easier to do.

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Glass painting the surface: This can be a little easier to do as the surface of the glass is outside and you have more control on the brush and the strokes you use to paint the surface. In some cases, the glass is etched making it even easier to paint on.  But in this case the distortion or flaking of paint is a factor that you have to consider.

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Placing painted objects inside: This is a cheat version of glass painting where instead of painting the actual glass object, you can paint other objects and place them inside the glass vessel or object to create a different kind of art. The glass will bring out a different effect that can look really good in a very different way.


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