40 Real I AM BORED Jar Ideas

In the days past, when any object took a certain amount of time, effort and money to attain, people were majorly into recycling. This meant that there never was a container that did not take on a new avatar, however, today, this is not the case today. However, when your kids are bored today, we feel that you should encourage them to take up some nice projects that use up things like jars. In fact, you will need to work on encouraging them to take up projects like these when they are bored. Things like bottle art – infinite beauty from recycling waste will make them realize the fun of making things using not much but only waste containers, your imagination and a bit of elbow grease added to some basic supplies. In fact, once you get started on such projects, thaen you can move on to other raw materials like newspaper.

You will find many craft ideas using newspaper that is being recycled and the best part is that it will make you and your kids aware of the green movement and keep them occupied as well as providing you useful things that can be used around the home. This could be added to amazing but simple recycling ideas that can make you feel good about being frugal and environmentally aware.

So in this article, we are going to help you create a jar that will be full of ideas. This can be in the form of folded chits or in the form of  icecream sticks, post it pads or for that matter any form. The concept is that when you are bored or any of your family is bored, then can just put their hand in and draw out one of the options and do what it says.

Some Of The I Am Bored Jar Ideas Could Include:

Real I AM BORED Jar Ideas

guy reading a book

Read a book series

Start a daily journal for interesting updates

clean up junk jewelry

Clean up your junk jewelry or collection drawer

Start collecting something worthwhile

a long walk

Take a long and strenuous walk

Surf the net to find some interesting YouTube videos to watch


Making a macaroni animal or figure

Create a treasure hunt

cardboard house

Do some gardening

Build a small house of cardboard

writing a story

Start writing a story for submission online

Collect motivational quotes for inspiration

Put together a time capsule

Make miniature vehicles using supplies available at home

bubble bath

Go through your recipe books and make something that you have never cooked before

Try some nail art that you have never tried before

playing board games

Have an elaborate and restful bubble bath

Give yourself a pedicure and manicure

card pyramid

Play board games

Make a simple home themed video

baking cookies at home

Build a pyramid out of cards

Collect interesting looking pebbles and place them in a jar

playing cards at home

Research a topic that always intrigued but you didn’t know anything about

Bake something nice for the whole family

diy handmade gifts

Go and play some childish game with your friends

Learn a new card game

diy sock puppet

Make a nice bookmark

Make some handmade gifts for everyone at home

learning dance

Sort out your music collection

Go through your wardrobe and remove articles that you no longer use

playing computer games

Make a puppet out of socks

Work on a play or skit that you can do with the rest of the family

polishing foot wear

Attempt to learn the steps for a new dance form

Clean and polish all your footwear

playing violin

Play computer games

Use lego blocks to make something elaborate

painting at home

Buy a painting kit and paint something

Learn ten words in a new language

Try a new style of dressing

Play a musical instrument

You can always tweak this list of suggestions that you put in your jar as per your personal tastes.


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