100 Summer Fun List Ideas

The start of summer means relief from the cold weather and if you are a student, then a break from studying. While the summer time is something that we all look forward to, if you are working parent who has no vacation time coming up, then you will want to have ideas to keep others at you place like your kids occupied. This means encouraging them to take up hobbies like an amazing hobby of painted feathers, which could work if your kids are so inclined. Or take up the collection of super scale model cars to scintillate you. Alternately if you and your kids are into art, then you could learn all you need to know about wood whittling.

However, if you are planning a summer to remember, then you should look at these fun summer ideas. There are hundred of them and if you choose, you could do some of them or all of them.

Summer Fun List Ideas

Here goes:

You could go for a nature hike

Start a scrapbook on your favorite subject

Catch fireflies to see how fascinating they are

Visit the zoo

visit the zoo

Collect spooky stories

Visit the playground to play games

Pick flowers and learn about them

Ride the bike for a long trip

picking flowers

Camp and make s’mores on the campfire

Get into a water gun fight

Fly kites and cut each other’s kites in the sky

Enjoy a slumber party

flying kites

Make a fort out of blankets

Bake cookies and muffins

Put up a lemonade stand

Have a romp in the water sprinkler

fly a paper plane

Fly paper planes for fun

Have a scavenger hunt

Start planting a garden

Take a swim in the lake

swim in the lake 3


Exchange jokes

Watch movies

Set off on a picnic

Make icecream from scratch

playing card games

Play card games

Enjoy the fun of a pillow fight

Play and romp in the mud

Take part in thumb wrestling

visit a museum

Visit a museum

Blow soap bubbles

Visit libraries

Make origami objects with paper

making a sand castle

Build a castle out of sand

Play hide and seek

Sing songs of your choice

Create shadow puppet animals

have a campfire

Click pictures

Have a campfire

Play in the slip and slide

Play Simon says

play board games

Draw with chalk on the sidewalk

Get a mother daughter makeover

Go for a father daughter makeover

Start a journal based on nature

making popsicles

Play board games

Start speaking pig Latin

Make popsicles at home

Play charades

water balloon fight

Write letters to a pen pal

Take up kid’s crafts

Play games like rock, paper and scissor

Work out a magic show

watching clouds

Start a kitchen herb garden

Have a water balloon fight

Bring up a frog

Share and keep secrets

farm visit 2

Study an ant under magnifying glass

Catch and throw ball

Watch clouds and name them

Have a who can be silent the longest contest

playing puzzles

Participate in story time at a book store

Visit a farm nearby

Play hopscotch

Go out and fish

playing with cardboard boxes

Get into a staring competition

Do puzzles and jigsaws

Play dress up

Acquire a pet rock

washing your car

Take a tour of the fire station

Play with cardboard boxes

Climb trees

Throw and catch a Frisbee

having a tea party

Wash your car

Go geocoaching

Make cupcakes and decorate them

Volunteer at local shelters

visit national park

Have a tea party

Jump rope in different ways

Go for birdwatching

Try to pick a four leaf clover

backyard campout

Start a home depot workshop for kids

Take a tour of a national park

Feed ducks by the pond

Learn juggling

making greeting cards

Teach older people to send short messages on the cell phone

Get a yard sale going

Play the I spy game

Camp out in your backyard

painting with watercolors

Write poetry

Lie down in the porch and gaze at stars

Take the dog for a walk

Tour factories

riding the bus

Play around with clay

Make greeting cards at home

Ride the bus

Paint using watercolors

tie and dye

Try tying and dyeing

Learn to do the Macarena

Play with lego bricks

Play the tag game

We are sure that by the time you reach the end of this list, you will be having some ideas for games and activities of your own. Do tell us about your ideas.


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