Heart-warming Winter Landscapes That Will Melt The Chill Around You

Winters are not easy to paint or draw since light is difficult, shadows are more and the snow is too white in many instances. But when you look at it from an artist’s point of view especially in terms of the challenges it poses, it makes a wonderful subject. Winter can have its own kind of colors, textures and unique lighting that can make it fun to capture. It could constitute part of superb landscape art to keep the outdoors with you all the time. Just imagine the artistic opportunities and challenges that the winter kind of scenario would offer. Even photographers would be enchanted with the possibilities such landscapes would represent.

winter landscape painting 1

winter landscape painting 4

winter landscape painting 5

winter landscape painting 6

Just look at the fascinating photographs of forest paths to another world to know how fascinating such winter landscapes can be. Winter has many things to offer and great garden swing ideas to ensure a gregarious time for all, is definitely one of them.

winter landscape painting 7

winter landscape painting 8

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winter landscape painting 10

The thing about winter landscapes is that though there is beauty in them, it is something that is subtle and not so obvious. This is because by definition we have been brought up to believe that winter is harsh, grey, dull and dark, which it often is. However, having said that, we have to admit that winter landscapes do have more of a mystery and drama kind of feeling to them than when compared with summer scenes. Plus when there is even a tiny ray of sunlight in the winter months, it creates a major rippling effect that can be a delight to any artist.

winter landscape painting 11

winter landscape painting 12

winter landscape painting 13

winter landscape painting 14

As we have said earlier, art is something that has to touch our senses in some way or the other and this happens a lot with winter landscapes. It may not always be in the warm and soft way sunlit landscapes do but it is still appealing at some level.

winter landscape painting 15

winter landscape painting 17

winter landscape painting 18

winter landscape painting 19

Here Are Some Factors To Keep In Mind While Creating Winter Landscapes:

 Draw the surface with all details: The winter landscape is nothing without the details of the landscape. Many may believe that the winter landscape does not have to offer much in terms of elements, but that is not the truth. In fact, it takes a discerning eye to look at all the details. For that to happen you will have to spend some time outdoors to catch all the details.

winter landscape painting 20

winter landscape painting 21

winter landscape painting 22

winter landscape painting 23

Do not forget to add depth: The winter landscape to the uninitiated may seem to be flat and white when snow covers the land. It could seem like the entire landscape is covered in snow with some bumps to indicate landmarks like trees, bushes and other frozen objects.  But that again is not the case and winter landmarks need a bit more in terms of observation and an eye for the subtleties of the landscape rather than concentrating only on the bigger picture.

winter landscape painting 24

winter landscape painting 25

Try to capture the play of light: Light is something that is scarce when it comes to the winter landscape but this can be an advantage when you think about it. Even a little bit of light in the cold winter landscape can create an oasis of light and even a semblance of warmth in this weather. You will need to really work hard on transmitting and capturing the play of light in the winter landscape.

winter landscape painting 26

winter landscape painting 27

We have also added some images here about winter landscapes so that our viewers can view the work of artists and get inspired by all these. You may not necessarily emulate their work as it is, but you can definitely be inspired by it.


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