Compelling And Creative Charcoal Drawings To Capture Your Eye

When you hear charcoal, you tend to think that the result of using this medium to create a work of art would not be that appealing. But this illusion will only last till you actually cast your eyes on a charcoal drawing and your presumption will be fully overturned. This is because charcoal drawings have a depth and appeal that goes beyond just the color and it can sometimes have even more dimensions than art that is created with the use of several colors. You just have to look at these beautiful examples of charcoal painting to know what we mean. We are sure that those who are into chalk pastel techniques and want to learn how to use it have examined charcoal drawings and borrowed heavily from it.

charcoal drawings 1

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For a charcoal drawing to turn up the way you want it to, you will have to master the art of sketching and learn some interesting details about it not to forget the various techniques that are part of it.

charcoal drawings 5

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Here Are Some Points For You To Ponder About Why Charcoal Drawings Are So Compelling And Creative And Keep Capturing Your Eye.

No colors to distract: We cannot really claim to know all about art, but after looking for a while at these charcoal drawings the one thing that strikes us is that they tend to capture your eyes more because there are not colors to distract you. Just think about it from that point of view and spend some time looking at these drawings and you will see what we mean. The fact is colors have their own kind appeal when it comes to drawings but there is also a different kind of appeal to just using black which is what charcoal brings about.

charcoal drawings 9

charcoal drawings 10

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charcoal drawings 13

More depth and nuances: As you keep looking at the excellent examples of charcoal drawings given here, you will also come to the realization that since the drawings are done in charcoal they tend to have more depth and nuances. There is almost a textural feel to these kind of drawings. Objects like eyes when drawn in charcoal almost seem to resonate with emotions and feelings that will make you want to keep on looking at them.

charcoal drawings 14

charcoal drawings 15

charcoal drawings 16

charcoal drawings 17

Stark and direct: Colors tend to make a drawing look different and somewhat indirect and cheerful but that is not the case with charcoal drawings. The appeal of the drawing is direct and stark. Even a very complex and complicated drawing made of charcoal with a lot of details in it, can make a drawing look stark and direct when compared to something similar that is done with many colors.

charcoal drawings 18

charcoal drawings 19

charcoal drawings 20

charcoal drawings 21

Lines and shadows: The creation of lines using charcoal can be more telling and deeper than when you use any other medium. The creation of shadows and shading also comes about very well when a person using charcoal is able to master the techniques around the use of charcoal. When you look at the shading and creation of shadows for charcoal drawings, you will find that there is a special appeal to this way of drawing.

charcoal drawings 22

charcoal drawings 23

charcoal drawings 24

charcoal drawings 26

The best part of charcoal drawings is that they encompass all kinds of drawings like the drawing of a face or even a scenery or even an object. In fact, we cannot think of any genre that does not be done using charcoals. It is indeed fascinating to note that something as deep and as versatile as the drawings shown here can be done using something basic like charcoal. What do you think about the charcoal drawing examples given here?


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