Chalk Pastel Techniques – Learn How To Use It

There is a certain skill involved in each form of art, a knack that you have to grasp so that you become a master at what you do. There is no doubt that natural artistic talent has a role to play in this, but one also learn how to use the right techniques to get things right. Do you really think that whoever painted these innovative examples of leaf painting did it by happenstance? While we accept that there is a certain talent involved in this but it helps if you learn the techniques through some form like a tutorial. There are many beautiful examples of melted crayon art that will vouch for what talent and imagination can do for you, but for that to happen the base has to be good.

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Chalk Pastel Techniques

Pastels have had their own place in the world of art and there is no better affirmation of this than looking at beautiful oil pastel art and paintings. We give you here a basic tutorial on how to go about creating chalk pastel artworks. As far as the rest is concerned, it is up to your talents, your skill levels and your imagination.

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Here Are Some Steps To Follow In This Regard:

Choose the right raw materials: One of the things that you should know about chalk pastel art is picking out the correct raw material. This means that you need the right quality charcoal paper that has a surface that is rough to the touch. In many art papers that you use, you will find that the surface is smooth on one side and rough on the other. The rough side is the right side to use for such artwork. Then comes the chalk pastel shades that you are going to use. This obviously has to be of good quality but do make sure that you buy two grades of quality. The one that is cheaper can be used for trial work so that you can grasp the techniques and then move on to the better quality.

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Spray finish: Such pastel artwork needs a fixative spray that needs to be sprayed on once the art is done. This is to make sure that the integrity of the artwork stays the way it should. But the word of caution here is not to overdo it or else you could end up distorting the artwork that you have worked so hard to create. The thing is the spray needs to be handy to be sprayed on whenever you are done with one layer of color application so that you apply and let it set before going on to the next level of colors.

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Provide for a border: The thing about chalk pastel techniques is that it does tend to softer in appearance and that is why you need to provide a clear white border at the bottom above which you will need to create the artwork.

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Learn to hold the colors right: There are some techniques like fisting to spread out the color in an even manner. This is a way of folding your hand in order to make the color look better and smoother. Then there is the technique of putting your pastel color flat on the surface of the artwork and spread it out in a sweeping manner. This can be a good technique to create a background for your artwork.

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These are some basic techniques and tips that you can use to create chalk pastel artwork. You have to know that chalk pastel artworks are pretty different to look at and this is because the techniques used in it are different.

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