Art Projects To Try To Develop And Perfect The Skill: Art On Furniture

Each artist has a different perspective on the creative process because the process is indeed different for each one. For some artists, the process of coming with a creative project maybe like giving birth. It could start with the germination of the idea, move on to developing it and after the gestation stage, a painful period after which they get to see the results of their efforts, waiting and the pains of the process. But for others, the ideas may flow like the river does from the top of mountains; a continuous and unstoppable flow that fills every nook and cranny. For the second category of artists, the pain maybe finding different surfaces to paint. So here is a radical idea – why not paint on the furniture? When there can be mechanical plumbing pipe furniture ideas, why not painted furniture?

art on furniture 1

art on furniture 2

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Painting your furniture with various themes could be part of the smart furniture projects to try this year and we assure you, you will like this one a lot. Who in their right minds, would object to having the same furniture taking on different avatars with the passage of time? Just imagine, if your center table went through such a change every few months in keeping with the changing themes and seasons. Even garden furniture can be transformed. You can have gorgeous garden chairs to gear up for any weather by wisely and adeptly wielding the paintbrush.

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We cannot say that painting furniture is better or even easy than painting on any other surface but you will find that having the wherewithal to change your furniture as per your whims and fancies will have you grinning with joy.  If you are feeling that you want to paint furniture, but are not that confident whether you can pull it off, we have a few suggestions that you may find useful.

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Start with stencils: Yes, we are suggesting that you can try stencilling the design you want on to the furniture instead of drawing it. while this strictly speaking is not a very creative way to do things, will definitely give you neat results. The point here is to enjoy the process rather than prove that you are creative. However, if you feel that you have the confidence to do this on your own as time passes, then do draw instead of using stencils by all means.

art on furniture 15

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Move from big to small: Contrary what is normally believed, when it comes to art on furniture, it is better to start with old and big pieces rather than start with the small ones. We are saying this because small furniture may require fine strokes that are very precise and this could be challenging to artists who are just starting out. Whereas the larger surface allows you to be a bit more free when you are sculpting or painting.

art on furniture 21

art on furniture 22

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art on furniture 24

Experiment with medium: When it comes to painting on wooden furniture, the medium in most instances cannot be water paints. However, you can experiment with oil and acrylic paints if you want to. If you are planning to go with sculpting instead of painting, you can try inlaid work too for variety. All these may not be easy to do but that is the point of such projects.

art on furniture 25

art on furniture 26

Do not hesitate to try: When it comes to art on furniture, obviously you will do the sensible thing and start your experiments with older furniture or cheaper pieces. This will give you plenty of leeway to try new things and experiment with various aspects.

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What do you think of this concept of art on furniture? Do let us know.


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