Inspiring Watercolor Posters – An Art Form That Is Simple And Pretty

When it comes to painting, the world of artists have definite points of view about what medium works for them. Some of them swear by watercolors while others feel that nothing can beat oil paints and others feel that it is best to stick to acrylic paints. We are sure that when you look at these three mediums closely, you will find that each of them have their own merits and drawbacks. But that is not what we are going to discuss here. What we are going to discuss here is about watercolor posters and how you can easily indulge in the artistic medium to do many things including sharing a message, giving vent to create urges etc. If you are not convinced about the merits of watercolor, then all you need to do is look at mind blowing watercolor paintings to be convinced about this.

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However, the examples that you may view may not be quite possible for you to duplicate but this does not mean that you cannot try something simple. You could even learn more about the finer points of finger painting so that you can even do some posters with your bare hands instead of using brushes. If you are not the type to use your hands to paint watercolor posters, then you will be well-advised to learn some of the best abstract painting techniques.

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Here Are Some Simple And Pretty Watercolor Poster Ideas For You To Try:

Outline or silhouette: There are some familiar and famous silhouettes that are instantly recognizable even when you have filled out all the features. It would be a good idea for you to try your hand at doing this with the use of watercolor paints and use it as a poster around the home or office.

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Inspiring sayings: One cannot have enough of inspiring quotes and sayings to have your mind get the stimulation that it requires. A simple way to do this is by creating watercolor posters of your favorite and most inspiring sayings around the home. This can be done with the use of special effects and using funny fonts.

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World map: You can always replicate parts of the map or the whole of it using simple watercolors and make up a poster that you can hang in front of your kids as learning tool. This is often a task that is given as an assignment to children during school days and such works of art can be displayed as a poster on the walls of your children’s rooms or in the study area.

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Mishmash of colors: Just because we are talking about paintings or rather posters using watercolors does not mean that it has to be a proper one. One of the simplest and most colorful things to do with watercolors is let them loose on a piece of paper and fold it in half. Then press the colors to form a work of art that when you open will display an interesting mishmash of colors.

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Cartoon characters: You can also paint simple cartoon characters using watercolors that you can hang as a poster in the children’s play area. The use of watercolors can give an additional angle to popular cartoon characters.

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Simple daily objects: Having your children or even others in the family paint the most mundane of daily objects using watercolor paints is a great way to realize whether you or your family members have the requisite artistic talent to take up painting seriously.

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We are sure that after reading what we have written along with the images we have provided, you must have many ideas of your own for watercolor posters.


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