Best Abstract Painting Techniques

Acrylic as you know is one of the painting media that has properties that makes it possible to be used as an intense color that is similar to oil paints as well as in a lighter mode like watercolors. We know that it does not have toxic fumes and can be thinned with water, which makes it easier to use and be around. What is more acrylic paints dry pretty fast; this could have both pros and cons, depending on the type of art you are into and the caliber of painter you are.

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Now if you have caught up on the basics of what acrylic paints are all about and wondering how to get started, then this article is the one for you. You can start using the hints and tips given in this article to start Abstract Painting Techniques for the sheer fun of it and the relaxation that it will bring you.

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Abstract Painting Techniques

Experimenting with colors for acrylic abstract painting: When you start playing with acrylic painting to create abstract art, you need to keep it in mind that the paint dries fast. But there is nothing to prevent you from creating a really exciting piece of art with many colors that really emulates abstract art even on your first attempt. Do not start thinking of major artworks or master pieces when you begin working with acrylic paints. Just image what you want to make and if it will work with your décor and let this instinct take you forward on your artistic journey.

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As you dabble in painting with acrylic paints to create abstract art, you may find yourself carried away by the sheer choice of colors that are there. In case you have many small canvas panels then you need to select your favorite color and paint three of the panels in different shades of the same color. If you are enamored with orange, then paint three colors with dark orange. Then tone the color on one of the canvases by using white or yellow, then tweak the other and work on darkening the third one with brown or some other related color. You will be stunned with the unexpected shades that turn up when you work with acrylic paints.

 Start playing with patterns and textures while creating acrylic abstract paintings: If you have purchased a set of brushes in many shapes and sizes then you can use these to make really intriguing textures and create many patterns within the abstract painting.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA You can try out the larger brushes to find out what sort of texture you can get from them as compared to the smaller sized ones. Start with spreading the paint in a smooth motion to form a layer and the daub with the end of the brush when the paint is still wet. You can then make one portion of your acrylic abstract painting in one texture and one in another to make an interesting pattern.

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Plus when you work with acrylic paints to create abstract art, you need to be limited by mere brushes. You can and should experiment with other things that you find lying around the house.


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