Attractive Ornaments From Paper

When it comes to throwing a party or decorating the home or office festively, then paper is one thing that is used extensively to decorate the place. The way we do it is by resorting to making some basic paper ornaments by hand and paying heavily for the rest. However, the use of paper to create attractive ornaments and decorations is not something new and has been around for a long time. There is origami, the interesting art of folding paper to make shapes that has been found to be quite intriguing. In fact, people who are quite expert at the art of origami have even come up with wonderful origami architecture patterns that even represent complete buildings on its own.

paper ornaments 1

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By learning how to make paper ornaments as shown in the images here, you can make and even sell paper decorations to make a party lovely and lively.

paper ornaments 5

paper ornaments 6

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The main elements that are required for creating attractive paper ornaments is not only creative ideas (which you do require) but also an assortment of papers, glue, and some good scissors and paper cutters.

paper ornaments 9

paper ornaments 10

paper ornaments 11

Folding: We can always look to the art of origami to come up with the right techniques to fold paper. The way we are able to fold the paper enables us to come up with many patterns with only a few cuts and nicks. This is an important part of the creation of paper ornaments. Add to this a multitude of colors when it comes to paper along with the glittering elements for an additional dimension.

paper ornaments 12

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paper ornaments 14

Cutting: Once you have mastered the art of folding paper the right way, then comes the turn of cutting the folded paper. While both cutting and folding seem simple enough, it is important to master how to do them correctly. Some people swear that all they need for cutting in the process of creating paper decorations is a good pair of scissors while others feel that a paper cutter can be a better way to cut the paper.

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Quilling: Quilling is another way of adding another dimension to the paper ornament. Quilling is the simple way of rolling paper strips that are stuck on to a surface to form different patterns. When we are describing the process, you may think that it does not sound like much but that is far from the truth. Paper quilling artists do this art with a lot of effort and are rewarded by good prices for the stuff they create. You can use paper quilling to add another element of decoration to paper ornaments.

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Stick: Sticking paper neatly and firmly is another aspect that ensures that the paper ornaments that you are creating have the appearance and the stability that you require from them. Do ensure that you buy good quality glue and adhesives that are considered harmless to the environment and do not produce fumes that are harmful. Do ensure that you do some research in this area before purchasing the adhesive or adhesives of your choice.

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Arrange: When you create paper ornaments, the important thing to do at the end of the whole process is to arrange the ornaments for maximum advantage. If you are doing this professionally, then our advice to you would be to provide instructions to the end users about the proper way to arrange the paper ornaments so that they have a good effect.

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We are sure that you will find the images of paper ornaments as well as some of the basic tips given here very useful. However, if you are not adept at creating paper ornaments, we advise you to start with inexpensive paper after checking out the processes online to get it right and ensure less wastage.