Origami – The Interesting Art Of Folding Paper To Make Shapes

They say art starts from imagination and the vision of the artist and beyond this you do not much. If you had any doubts in this regard, origami the art of folding paper to make the most incredible pieces of art will prove it to you.  Actually, this point is proven when you look at the work of the list of 10 progressive artists in the 21st century; they have taken the mundane and converted it to the sublime. They have made sculptures out of books; they have made nature into art among other remarkable things. Another good example of art that starts with little to become huge is also proven by these mind blowing examples of illustration art.

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If you are still not convinced about the roots of mind-blowing art coming from the simplest origins, then all you need to do is look at the art of sketching and some interesting details about it to have the point proven.  Since we have given you enough points to ponder and consider the fact that the origins of art can be from something simple, let us take a look at origami on the whole.  Origami is the art of folding paper to come up with different objects, having its origin in Japan.

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To Start With, Let Us Take A Look At What Are The Essential Supplies Needed To Create Origami Art:

You need paper: But the thing is there is special origami paper that you may use or in the absence of which you could use other types of paper too. When you begin, use white paper to get the hang of things and then move on to colored and textured paper.

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Something to cut the paper: Another staple of this art is to have something to cut the paper into the size and shape that you require. This can either be a paper cutter or a pair of sharp scissors. This way you will be able to trim the papers that you will be using for origami.

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A book to guide you: You will need to learn some of the basics of origami before you get into the hang o things and become a real expert. For that you can get a book on the basics of origami and figure out some of the basics.

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Here Are Some Of The Steps Involved In The Origami Process:

Folding: One of the main things that is part of the origami process is learning the different ways to fold the paper that you are using for creating the art. There are many ways of folding the paper so that you can get on with the basics of origami.

origami 31

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Tucking: Once you have the folding down pat, you can simply move on to tucking the folds so that you can create the artwork. This is an important part of the art of origami and you will need to master this step too be able to make artworks of your choice.

origami 25

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origami 22

Following instructions on artworks: Now that you have mastered the folding and tucking techniques you can move on to following instructions on the particular piece that you are working on.

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Origami may be more to do with techniques than actual artistic imagination when you start on it, but as you keep on working on it, you will realize that there is a lot of scope for creativity in this type of art. What is more origami is also a craft that you can involve your kids in with a view to keep them busy, learning something new and all this without too much expense.


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