Enjoy These Cityscapes In The Form Of Urban Sketches: 40 Beautiful Locations

There is beauty to be had in every aspect of our life and surroundings; this is a fact that every artist knows, enjoys, exploits and also uses to create his or her own version of art. Many people can wax poetic about the breathtaking vistas of nature and this is indeed easy to do as the beauty there is unusual and untouched. This is also true of the past where there were buildings and structures that really used a person’s ingenuity and imagination to come up with the most fantastic structures. This becomes really obvious when you look at the beautiful castles around the world, where fantasies seems to have come true.

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Sometimes the beauty of things may not be obvious to you unless you possess the special eye and sensitivity to see beauty in all things and produce works like these amazing examples of 3D street art.  It is somewhat astounding to realize that the city we live in, the urban area that we treat with such blatant disregard and the surroundings that we view with such indifference look so different when you look at it from the point of view of these artists. Yes, we are talking about urban sketches that have been made from the most normal and ordinary visuals that we run across on a daily basis.

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Beauty in the usual: It has been seen that people find it easy to find beauty in the unusual things and the things of beauty but rarely do we see beauty in our usual surroundings. In these urban sketches you will see that even the simplest things like a roadside stall selling vegetables or even a stall for seasonal fruits have been rendered with a touch that shows how talented the artist is.

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Crowded but not ugly: One of the refrains that we hear all the time about the city is the fact that it is so crowded and this means lesser space for individuals to enjoy. However, this does not mean that these crowded places do not possess a beauty of their own. There is a certain beauty in these places before they get crowded and also in the efficiency that people show in these places to get on their way to their destination. It is precisely this beauty that has been captured by these artists.

urban sketchers 25

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Flights of fancy mingled with the mere stairs: While it is not unusual to come across the normal utilitarian flight of stairs all over an urban area, it is indeed unusual to see an artist’s rendering of the heights of a city into flights of fancy. This sort of urban sketch is very much possible if the artist in question takes inspiration from the mingling of the new and old that is very common in many cities. This mingling of new and old architecture leads to art that is really interesting.

urban sketchers 18

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Shopping for groceries leading to quirky art: We have all visited the local grocery store to purchase the essentials for putting together a meal. When we are really hungry, this place may even seem beautiful to us but we are sure most of us never saw this is as art. But that is precisely what this urban sketch has done; made the daily shelves of the grocery into a work of art.

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As you keep reading about the way artists see things, imagine them to be and render them on paper or any other media, you will really start viewing the beauty of your surroundings with a fresh eye. There is no doubt that looking at such urban sketches will make you appreciate the beauty of the city even more.


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