Crafts With Glitter – Simple And Satisfying

When it comes to art, we tend to think in terms of the artistic vision, immense skills and talent not to mention painful artistic process. All this is true to a great extent and it is also the way things are supposed to be, but this does not mean that those who do not have the depth of artistic talent or the angst that goes with the artistic process cannot enjoy the fun aspect of art. While having a talent is all good do not overlook the fun aspect that art has to offer a case in point being arts and crafts using glitter.

Glitter, you ask? Yes, why not? If you are still not convinced about this, then look at these beautiful carnivale masks and their meaning. You can see a lot of imagination, whimsy and a senses of fun has gone into the making of these masks. Why not borrow only the fun aspect and use it to create arts and crafts using glitter? In fact, glitter can be used to even painting on fabrics, creating art for wearing and decoration. Art with glitter can be a really fun thing to do and could even be included in the list of fun things to do on your birthday that you could suggest to your teenage daughter to do.

Here Are Some Simple But Immensely Satisfying Arts And Crafts That You Can Try With Glitter:

old shoes glitter  7

old shoes glitter 8

old shoes glitter 9


Decorate old shoes: We all have some old shoes, sneakers and footwear that is still good but which has lost all its luster. Glitter can come to the rescue and make your shoes look ready for a party. In any case, experimenting this way with glitter is completely risk free as in any case the shoes are old in the first place.

old handbags glitter 1

old handbags glitter 4

old handbags glitter 5

old handbags gllitter 2

Decorate handbags: When it comes to having handbags that are fit for a special occasion, a girl cannot have too many. Using glitter and some sparkles can covert an old clutch or handbag into something that you will be proud to take to a party. It is pretty simple when you use set designs instead of trying to draw things freestyle. This way you can  be sure that the designs will turn out to be symmetrical.

old hair clips glitter 3

old hair clips glitter 4

old hair clips glitter 5

Pep up hair clips: Another piece of embellishment that could use a new life is your hairclips and other hair ornaments. Applying the glitter evenly throughout the clip can also do the trick, but you could also try other designs. You can draw small flowers and stars to make a simple and plain black clip into something that looks out of the ordinary.

old earrings glitter 1


Give new life to earrings: Once you have mastered the bigger things and gotten complete control on the application of glitter, it is time to turn to smaller works of art. This can be anything ranging from pendants to rings and earrings. In fact with skillful application of glitter you can cover up chips and cracks to make the jewelry you have look better.

nails glitter 1

nails glitter 2

nails glitter 4

Decorate your nails: When we are talking of crafts and arts with glitter, then how can we forget the nails. Glitter can make nail art a great deal of fun. In fact, with only a few tweaks, you can actually convert your everyday nails into a work of art that you wear. This will definitely pep things all around.

Here, we have talked about many practical but fun uses of glitter to create your own version of art. Not only does this have a practical aspect to it, but you will also find that this also has an immense therapeutic effect.


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