Painting On Fabrics – Creating Art For Wearing And Decoration

Art knows no bounds and this is proven in many ways. Art continues to innovate and expand even as we speak. Not only does art take into consideration pleasing of the senses, but also considers the utility and usability factors. It is not just limited to these two factors but also expands to commercial factors. That is the beauty of art. When you come to think about it art does so much more for our physical and mental health. It is only when you make your foray into the world of art that you realize and find out how art and creativity can lift your spirits. In today’s world as everyone battles with stress and tensions on a daily basis, this is absolutely vital. In this article we will talk about painting and that too on fabrics. What use is painting on fabrics? It is useful for decorating your home as well as making garments look even better.

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It is only when you start thinking of what you want to paint on the clothing, do you realize the importance of patterns and the role they play in art. You will see that having some patterns based on which you are going to paint on the cloth in question will you know where to start and what colors to use. Once you have the art of painting on fabrics and the mechanics of it down pat, will you be flooded with so cool decoration ideas that you can start using to make your living space even more beautiful.

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Here Are Some Important Considerations To Think About The Art Of Painting On Fabrics:

Do consider the fabric that you are going to paint on: When you are first starting out in the art of painting fabrics, make sure you do your research on the type of fabric that can be painted. Make it a point to try out on a small sample and then only take on a bigger project. This way you will be able to avoid any waste.

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Choose patterns based on the end use of the cloth: A design that you will choose for a garment that you will wear will surely differ from something that you will pick for household decoration. This is something that you will have to spend some time thinking about. Too big and large looking patterns may not really always work on garments you are going to wear. Things need to be in the right proportion.

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Make sure that the paints work on clothing: Another thing to do before picking out the colors and patterns for painting is to investigate whether the type of paints that you are picking will work on the fabric. You also need to think that if you are painting something like a cushion cover the washing frequency will differ from a garment that you wear. This factor should dictate the kind of paints you pick up.

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Start simple and then move on to more complex projects: If you are new to the art of painting on fabrics, then the best thing to do is start off small. Once you have worked on smaller projects and have the confidence, then you can move on to bigger projects. This is simply the sensible and logical thing to do when you are starting any project that is quite complex.

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Painted fabrics can look really good when done right whether you use these for decorating around the house or to make a piece of garment look really special. The only caution here is to use good quality paints that will stand the rigors of washing so that all your work does not go waste.


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