Machine Embroidery: Know More About It

When it comes to art we often only consider the things that are created by hand and not by machinery. But when it comes to arts like embroidery there is also the option for machine embroidery. It is this evolution in this art that led to making embroidered clothing affordable and available to all. Yes, this does not have quite the same cachet or value as the more difficult and more individualistic hand embroidery that one has to labor at, but still it is beautiful nevertheless.

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That is why, when people learn how to sew they look atcomplete sewing patterns review and how useful they are even today before moving on to more complex things like machine embroidery.  People who are interested in this line of work may also find their interest veering towards tie and dye work on fabrics. This can make the art of making lovely garments even better with the addition of another dimension to the designs apart from those added by machine embroidery.

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While learning how to do machine embroidery, you will also be taken on some simple steps onhow to use beads in clothes and jewelry which will only add to your portfolio and help you do better work.

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If You Still Have Reservations About Machine Embroidery, Here Are Some Points That Will Convince You That It Has Many Advantages:

It is faster: The thing about machine embroidery is that once you have mastered the way to do it, you will find that you can produce the designs pretty quickly. More so when you consider the amount of time you have to expend on handmade embroidery, which can take hours to create.

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It is easier: When compared to handmade embroidery that happens to be not only slower but also more difficult, machine made embroidery is much faster. You will find yourself using this skill to not only make clothing that you wear but also for decorative clothes like cushion covers, table cloths, television covers, baby layettes, bedclothes among many other things around the household. Some people are even known to produce designs on curtains using machine embroidery.

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It is more affordable: Since the time taken and efforts needed to machine embroidery is much lower, it naturally follows that the costs will also come down. Plus the much lower labor required will naturally make the cost of machine embroidery come down. But do remember that you will have to invest in the machinery to create such embroidery which can be pretty substantial and taking lessons on how to do it is another cost that you also have to consider.

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It is more durable: This is one point that most people; even those who are the biggest fans of handmade embroidery will agree – that machine made embroidery is really easy to handle making it really durable.  In fact, you will find that many garments and bits of clothing that have machine embroidery can even be washed in the washing machine. This really makes it easier on people as very few people have the time to hand wash things.

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The next time you come across someone wearing a pretty frock or dress that has smocking work done on it, you will know that this has become possible due to the advance in embroider using machines that has made this possible. It may not be all that high on the artistic scale but it comes under art that has made it possible for everyone to afford it. You have to agree that this kind of art is also needed and it has a lot of merits.


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