Some Interesting Facts About Woodcarvings

When it comes to artists and the many media they use, we simply cannot restrict ourselves. While sculpture and carving is something that has been part of art, there is more focus on carving on stone and metal. In this article we will look at carving on wood. Over the years, artists have done some interesting work on wood to carve out really big things of only artistic value as well as many things of different sizes that are not only artistic, but also of utilitarian value. Woodcarving may not be as easy to do as the art of soap carving – perfect for beginners, it is easier than the work done on harder stuff like stone.


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While many other types of carving can be really difficult, the same is not the case with wood carvings, which can also used as beautiful wall art ideas for your inspiration. Of course, with woodcarving, it need not be as elaborate as the perfectly imperfect sculptures of Bruce Catalano, it can still be an intense amount of work involved.

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Here Are Some Factors That Have A Large Influence On Woodcarving:

The end result will differ based on the type of wood used: The fact is in wood carving some types of wood are more preferred to work on than others, and each wood also lends a bit of its characteristics to the artwork that is produced. Like sandalwood is not only a pretty wood but also one that emanates a fragrance. Likewise rosewood is known to have a dark and intense color that adds more to the carving not only in terms of the looks but also the value.

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Woodcarving is one type of art that has a lot of practical implications: Most works of art are very pleasing to the eye and have a lot of value but we cannot really say that all works of art are of use in the practical aspects of our life. But that is not the case with woodcarvings; they can be of practical use too besides being really beautiful to look at.

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The size of the art in woodcarving depends on the raw material as well as the artist’s imagination: That is true woodcarvings can be pretty small even miniature and can also be of huge size. This will depend on the size and dimensions of the wood being used as well as the artists’ expertise and imagination.

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You will need to know about the types of wood to get into the art of woodcarving: Not all wood may equally be good for woodcarving. The artist working on this type of art will have to make the time and effort to know more about the wood that he or she is going to be working on to know what type of wood will suit which type of work. Like for instance a wood carving for a piece of furniture will have to be strong to bear the use of the furniture but also good enough to be carved.

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Some know how about preservation is also essential: While the very nature of wood makes it an easier material to work with it is also very vulnerable to the elements and other types of damages. This means that any who works on woodcarvings will also have to find techniques to preserve and safeguard the woodcarvings once the work is done.

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As you can see unlike other forms of art, which can often be beyond what we can afford to own, woodcarvings can be something that you can afford to have in your home. This of course depends on the type of art that you want to own.


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