Art With Precious And Semi Precious Gemstones

Since we know that art can take many forms using the most mundane to the most precious, it covers a huge plethora of things. In this article, we will look at art that uses all kinds of stones – both precious and semi precious to create lovely jewelry. We all know that jewelry covers a wide range like cool steampunk art ideas, which will blow your mind with their inventiveness.

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While steampunk ideas are pretty complicated and involve a lot of work, the ideas on how to use beads on clothes and jewelry can be much simpler than this. Art of jewelry making can be pretty expensive not only due to the cost of the stones used but also due to the use of precious metals that are used as well as the amount of effort needed to create them. It can be unlike the delightful handmade jewelry ideas to try which range from fairly difficult to very easy ones too.

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Here Are Some Interesting Facts About Art That Uses Precious And Semi Precious Stones:

This type of art can be actual carving of the stone itself: When it comes to relatively inexpensive stones and also owing to the softer nature of the stone, some jewelry makers actually carve on the stone itself rather than simply using the well cut stone in metal settings. The carving of precious stones can be made into little statues, netsukes, daggers and even other things.

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The use of stones in stones to create art need not be restricted to jewelry: Though major portion of the art that is done using precious and semi precious stones is done on jewelry that is worn, that is not all. In fact there are many works of art that uses precious stones in them but is not jewelry. In the older days you would even come across some instances where gemstones where used to embellish furniture, caskets among other things.

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The art of gemstones also involves cutting and polishing: When it comes to gemstone arts, there are many facets to it and this includes taking the gemstone from its rough form to cut properly and then polish it to bring it to its full glory. In fact, this aspect of gemstone art is given a lot of importance as this process decides on the final value of the piece of jewelry. A well cut and polished gemstone not only looks great and glows more it also fetches a bigger price.

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The metals used on gemstone art are also important: While mostly gemstones are set in the softer and more precious metals like gold, silver and platinum, there have been instances where gemstones have also been set in other metals, materials and sometimes even in stone. There have been instances where gemstones where set into carvings on stone to add to the beauty of the work done.

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In some cases, stones are even used on clothing: When people have been able to afford it, they have even gone as far as to have gemstone art to embellish clothing. There have been instances of people getting pearls, crystals, jades etc put on their clothing for special occasions. This kind of art not only includes the use of jewels but also needs the artist to be adept at using stitching and embroidery to create the clothing in question.

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When you come to think of it, the art of gemstones has been around for a long time and this art has never lost its fascination among people. You can see the most intricate designs when you go through the gallery of time and this has been an inspiration for artists today and for future artists.


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