The Art Of Flower Arrangement And The Beauty Of It

While we all tend to think of art in terms of things that last for a long time, the fact is art is also about performances and bits of art that are really beautiful but not long lasting. One of the prime examples of art that does not last a long time but is beautiful nevertheless is the art of flower arrangement. One may think of it as one does about the art of interior decoration, but when you learn more about it, we come to realize that there is more to it than mere arranging things. The same thing applies to the art of flower arrangements.

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One has to think of flowers in terms of not only color but also the way they are formed. One of the best ways to make you understand is by showing you an example like attractive red living room ideas, where though the color theme is given, there is a lot of creativity involved. It is about setting things right, getting the accoutrements right and could also be the way things light up and shadow like with the 10 wonderful and different types of photography.

Here Are Some Facts About Flower Arrangement That Will Leave You Stunned:

The art of arranging flower arrangement has many schools of thought like other forms of art, which broadly include:

tradiotional flower arrangement 1

tradiotional flower arrangement 2

tradiotional flower arrangement 3

tradiotional flower arrangement 4

Western or traditional: Often these are large arrangements, which can be really detailed, and complex. The whole arrangement in such styles will have a symmetric look and will normally follow a theme.

japanese flower arrangement 1

japanese flower arrangement 2

japanese flower arrangement 3


Japanese or Korean: These are more on the simple side and tend to rather sober. They are made to reflect the line, the mood and the rhythm. The floral arrangements may also have a religious significance that goes back to the past. People attend courses to study the technique and learn about the significance of different things.

freestyle flower arrangement 5

freestyle flower arrangement 2

freestyle flower arragement 3

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Freestyle: This style tends to borrow from both the western school of thought as well as the Japanese and Korean school of thought to come up with something unique. There is a lot of creativity in all types of flower arrangements but this kind of arrangement requires a lot more thought.

abstract flower arrangement 5

abstract flower arrangement 2

abstract flower arrangement 3

abstract flowwr arrangement 4

Abstract: This is based more on geometrical designs and structural patterns. It is more of a modernistic version of what is essentially a traditional art.

Apart from styles of arranging flowers that people who are into this art also, need to know what kind of equipments and accessories that they would need along with the ways to keep the flowers fresher for longer.

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People who are into the art of flower arrangement also need to consider that though the basic raw material is easily available in nature, is the perishable quality of the flowers. This is one of the reasons that people who go out to order an elaborate floral arrangement for a function are often shocked at the prices. After all, it is about the price of flowers right? Wrong! It is also about the planning the floral arrangement, arranging for the accessories that will complete the arrangement, the steps needed to keep the arrangement fresh, not to mention the level of skills to create a flower arrangement.

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So the next time you come across a lovely flower arrangement, study it as you would any other work of art. In addition, once you are armed with an idea about the amount of efforts and thought that goes into these, we are sure you will appreciate them even more. It is all about taking something that nature has given us and making it even better.


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