30 Attractive Red Living Room Ideas

Red is a color we are all fond of – Vivid, vibrant and bright that it is. But using red for doing up your living room is something you need to approach with caution. While we can all agree that red livens up a room and adds warmth, it is a color that needs careful handling. Here are some ideas with red color playing a significant role:

  • Color the walls red, but go with some other colored furniture. You can use complementary shades like brown, mahogany or beige
  • Go for red colored drapes on windows and you can make this look complete by adding red colored cushions or sofa covers.
  • Paint the walls in a neutral shade and upholster your furniture in shades of red. Make sure the red is more on the darker side than the orange side.
  • Add larges splashes of red to the furniture, floral arrangements and other extras in the room to create a lively look
  • If you do not want to paint the whole room red, then you can have one of the walls painted red and the other walls in a shade that works with red
  • Red can also be added to the decor of the living room by choosing fabrics that have red flowers or patterns on them.
  • Another way to inculcate red into the décor of your room is having a lamp in one of the corners with a red lamp shade. This will cast a warm glow to the room without overwhelming it
  • You can also go in for a center table or book rack or even the entertainment stand in a red color. This will nicely work to make the room glow with a reddish hue without overwhelming the color scheme
  • Since red has so many shades, you can work at adding touches of different shades of red at various places like adding terracotta pots or adding a carpet with red featuring predominantly in the design.


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