10 Wonderful and Different Types Of Photography


 There are Different Types Of Photography, It is a fascinating art, where you reproduce the picture of something that is already there, but present it from an entirely different perspective. This simple visual representation can educate, evoke different emotion or simply deliver a message. You may think what is photography, but taking a picture? The fact is that photography is more than simply that. The different types of photography use different techniques and have their own purposes. Here are few categories:

Aerial Photography: This is usually taken from above, shooting the object from either a high structure or from a plane. These type of pictures show a different angle of the same object as it is viewed from the ground up. It changes our perspective of looking at an object. A building viewed from a greater height will not only look somehow squatter but will also give you an idea of the floor plans. Aerial photography will somehow provide you a bigger view and show you how a particular object looks in the whole arrangement.

Architectural Photography: Mainly to do with buildings and structures, this sort of photography is a real reproduction of how the building looks from various angles. This type of photography can be used to create a visual impact to prospective buyers of real estate especially when they live at a distance. Can be pleasing to the eye and can be done artistically, but the creativity involved in such shooting is limited, as people are looking for neat and factual pictures rather than something creative.

Artistic Photography: These photographs represent pictures from the point of view of the photographer. Time is spent of waiting for the right light, the occurrence of the natural phenomenon to enhance the look of the picture. Often these photos show you the side of a familiar object in a never thought of before kind of view. What looks boring, mundane and functional to us may be represented as something fantastic from the photographer’s lens.

Black and white Photography: This sort of photography is used to create a stark olden days kind of feel. There is something about the lack of color in a picture that completely changes the look and also the way you view it. The photo when taken in Black and white can represent something that is beyond the mere surface. The subject and the features of the subject are more starkly highlighted forcing you to look beyond the picture rather than merely looking at it.

Camera Phone Photography: Mostly the pictures taken by phone cameras may not have high quality, but this sort of photography fulfills an entirely different need. It strives to capture and transmit incidents as they occur or people as they appear. These photos compensate for lack of time and are an answer to the immediacy of the situation. People on the run can keep a record of a incident or even a departing colleague in a quick and easy way. This sort of photography is more to do with need and situation than a love of the art.

Events Photography: This sort of photography is more like recording events for posterity when it comes to events like weddings, bar mitzvahs and other family functions. Elaborate settings and exaggerated poses are the norm. With political and social events it is used as one of the means about reporting about the event in the press. In social events getting clicked is often viewed as a status symbol. People try and stand next to well-known personalities so that the chances of their photo being published are more.

Micro or detailed photographing: Though mainly used for scientific purposes like research and the study of things and beings, this form of photography can also used for art. This takes patience and time to record the tiny details of the object you are trying to click. When used as art, this photography also tends to use the way light reflects on a particle to give a detailed and different look.

Nature Photography: This includes natural features and flora and fauna. Again this kind of photography needs patience and stems from an intense passion for your subject. Nature photographers, especially those capturing rare species of animals/birds or any other creatures spend hours together in one single position hoping for the shot. These shots could be used in scientific journals or even in display or exhibitions for such rare pictures.

Panoramic or wide range Photography: This kind of photography tries to capture images from a far off perspective giving a holistic view. A good example of a panoramic picture would be that of a riverside cafe or hangout. The picture will have to capture the place along with the setting it comes in to provide viewers of the picture a good view.

Underwater Photography: Using specialized waterproof equipment this kind of photography involves capturing images under the water. The photographer has to display good skills at photographing along with physical fitness to be in water, a steady hand and a calm disposition. Often deep sea divers who dive into the ocean for research, exploration and other purposes themselves undertake this work.

The thing about photography is that it does not matter what type of photography it is. The process of taking pictures can be a lot of fun. Plus you get to record many moments for posterity. To ensure that you do have something good to look at, all steps should be taken to ensure a good outcome. If you are into photography because it makes for a wonderful spare time activity, then the point is to get the maximum enjoyment out of it. Of course, if you are familiar with lingo of photography, then you can always sound like someone who knows what they are talking about!


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