25 Cool Kids Toys You Can Make Yourself

Kids can be full of energy which though good can tire out a parent especially when he or she is having a rough day. In such instances, you need to keep them supplied with toys and games so that they are occupied. It may not always be possible to do so you are left with very few alternatives – you can have them make clay pinch pots – a simple art project for kids or make some interesting and cool toys from things around the house for them to play with.

You can also get your kid to paint with the help of these eye catching abstract painting ideas. But though this idea has a lot of merit, it would be possible if only your kid has an inclination for such stuff and you have the means to keep your kid supplied with the requisite supplies for such painting. But do not worry, we have a great set of ideas for you to make simple but awesome toys right at home for your kids to play with. In fact if you want you can involve them in these projects.

Here is a list of 25 cool kid toys to do make by yourself:



Make a simple and colorful kite.

kids-activities.wonderhowto.com -

kids-activities.wonderhowto.com –

Convert that old sock into a puppet.

1pureheart.blogspot.com -

1pureheart.blogspot.com –

Make a tent out of old sheets and some sturdy wood.

1pureheart.blogspot.com -

1pureheart.blogspot.com –

Use thermocol to make an awesome board for sticking things.

www.spyghana.com -

www.spyghana.com –

Starch some mosquito netting and make it into cave.


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