40 Eye-Catching Abstract Painting Ideas

The concept of abstract painting ideas is not originate during this present era, it has been maintaining a stable and strong position in the art world for a long time. During the time of Pre-World War-II, artists dedicated their creations to spirituality, culture and rationality. But with the starting of 20th century, painters started painting on the “art for art’s sake” theme and that was the period when the abstract art achieve the highest speed of popularity.

During the olden times, figurative paintings were very popular but the legend painters of 20th century such as Pablo Picasso, George Braque etc tried their level best to shift from figurative to abstract painting. And with their great contribution to the art world, the art of abstract painting started gaining popularity among the art lovers during that period. 
Abstract Painting art is such kind of art in which the subject is drawn differently from the general manner and in other words, a plenty of facts can be hidden in a single abstract painting and you should be able to inspect the facts if you want to enjoy the beauty of painting properly. Generally the abstract art is categorized in three main parts; neoplasticism, abstract expressionism and cubism. You can look at the famous artists of three abstract art forms as mentioned below:    

And if we talk about the most famous abstract art verities then Abstract flower painting, abstract paintings of women and abstract landscape paintings will occupy the significant positions. 

In this article, we’re introducing the collection of 40 Eye-Catching Abstract Painting Ideas which clearly represent the creativity and hard work of truly talented artists. Hopefully, you’ll like this article as you’ve liked our previous articles.

Gray nude abstract

Abstract 1

Abstract: Anger

Life Painting 4

Abstract Face

abstract emotions

sad man 3

Girl Sat, Studio Flat

Abstract Nude Style Study 1


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