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30 Beautiful Examples of Couple in the Rain Photography

One could also talk of them as a combination of two forces of nature – rain and the love that a man and woman for each other. Maybe it is that or it is the way the photographers have managed to capture these images, but in any case they are really remarkable. - – - –

When it comes to rain, no one can claim to be untouched by it. It is the force of nature that nurtures life and makes things grow. In this case it also lets love and passion grow. At least that is what the photos convey in these pictures. It is true that in past where romance was not so openly indulged in, at least in public or in today’s world where couples are so open about their relationship, rain has been a part of the equation. - –

Many a romantic couple will tell you that some of the fondest memories they have of their romance includes those lovely walks in the rain. That is why so many movies have used rain as a backdrop to portray a hot romance between tempestuous couples. - –


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