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10 Different Types of Tattoo Styles That Are Really Popular – Part I

If the idea is to put together the different styles of tattoo is your goal, then you can be sure to touch upon most of the leading cultures across the globe. The issue is how specific or general your list should be. Some people put it really simply and say that there are only two types – stock and customized. On the other hand the other school of thought dictates that there are as many styles as the number of artists. Here we have put together some of the popular tattoo types:

Different Types of Tattoo Styles

Flash tattoos: To put it simply these are the stock of designs that tattoo shops have in their portfolio. This way when a customer walks in he/she can look through the images displayed and pick the one he/she wants and walk out with a tattoo in a matter of few hours. Normally an artist would have had ample practice doing this work so that job will be done quickly. Though it is impossible to quantify, many of the tattoos worn in the western world are of this variety.

Traditional American tattoos: These have come about from the military camps across America in the 1930s, but have been linked more to sailors than the military. These will have bold sections of big sizes along with solid color. Generally the designs are of marine nature or homage to love. These would mainly mean hearts, anchors, ships etc.

Tattoos of the Black and gray combination