10 Most Luxurious Train Trips Across Europe

Traveling by Train Trips across Europe is about enjoying the feeling of luxury and comfort while still reaching your destination on time.  You can have a comfortable berth or seat while you read and still reach the destination on time.  But it can be more than that; it can be the experience of looking at picturesque vistas like the Alps or enjoying great food in an old fashioned dining bogey. Here are some of the top ten train journey that you should undertake in Europe:

Train Trips Across Europe

Sweet Switzerland: The Chocolate Train: It takes the route of Montreuz to Broc and runs in summer.  You can enjoy the view of Lake Geneva, the town of Gruyeres with its medieval charms, take a tour of the town’s namesake cheese factory, enjoy lunch and get back on the train to move on to Broc. From there you can go to the Cailler-Nestle factory in the mountains by bus and then return.
The sweet choclate

The Bernina Express: This travel is through heights, tunnels and bridges from Chur, Switzerland to Tirano, Italy and the name express is not for the speed but for the lack of seats at short notice. The train goes through Alps south and lets you view the charms of the oldest town and takes you to a charming town in Italy.

The Bernina Express

A Hotel on Wheels: Francisco de Goya: Starting from Paris, you can eat a 3 course meal and view bucolic scenery and reach Madrid after a night’’ sleep. The next day you can tour the city, a tour which includes drink, a great dinner, breakfast and also a room stay.

Francisco de Goya

Reliving the Age of Chivalry: The Castles of Britain: Enjoy traveling through UK by using a fortnight’s pass on Britrail with a Great British Heritage Pass. You can see up to 580 spots worth viewing. Start off at Inverness and go to Urquhart castle, the Stirling Bridge, to Edinburgh Castle and then on to sights from England including the Dover Castle.

The Castles of Britain

The Epic Journey: Trans-Siberian Railway: Drink in the Russian culture across eight time zones. From Moscow on  to Vladivostok. You can mingle with people from all walks of life  during the course of travel. Enjoy things like trekking, excursions and scuba diving.

Trans-Siberian Railway

Waterworld: The Flam Railway: A great tour in the fjord country from Flam to Myrdal in Norway. View mountainous views and the Rjoandefossen waterfall among other things.

Waterworld The Flam Railway

Bavarian Bullet: InterCity-Express (ICE): Traveling from Munich to Nuremberg at great speed  you will love the way the scenery zooms past you. You cannot feel any noise or undue vibrations. If you visit in December you get to view the Christmas markets that are on during this time with many goods.

Bavarian Bullet InterCity-Express

The Elegance of Yesteryear: Venice Simplon-Orient-Express: It will be like stepping into the past with this train journey. Apart from the old fashioned and well anointed accommodation also enjoy the formal dinners and views of the Alps.

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

Roughing it by Rail: Balkan Flexipass: Go into the depths of Yugoslavia and whiz through  Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and Turkey starting from Turkey. Each of the destinations have different charms like  night club scene, the shopping among other things. The simple accommodations and earthy locals add to the charm

Roughing it by Rail Balkan Flexipas

Luxury on Wheels: The Transylvanian Odyssey: Enjoy this rich journey with elegance along with all the conveniences of the modern life which will start at Budapest after you reach here in a flight from London. You can enjoy walking tours and watch the sights along the way.  It is a luxurious journey all the way.

The Transylvanian Odyssey


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