60 Cute Pictures of Baby Animals to Make Your Heart Smile

Cute Pictures of Baby Animals can make you say Awwww. We cannot help going gaga when we come across the young ones of any animal. This is true of people who are not even fond of animals as such. The appeal lies in the immensely cute and vulnerable look that the young animal tends to have. There is a certain clumsiness and awkwardness in their movements that touches your heart.

Come to think of it nobody can tell you what they find so immensely irresistible about young animals, but here are some factors:

  • The lost in the woods look: It is a fact that most people find the “I am so lost and helpless” look very heart wrenching. Most adults cannot resist the appeal of a helpless looking creature
  • The needy factor: Many young animals appeal to the gene in us that wants to care for other living beings as they look so utterly incapable of looking after themselves. This tugs at our heart at some almost primal level and we want to step in to take care of the creature in question.
  • The naive look: There is an air of innocence and almost untouchable purity that young ones manage to project. This is probably because they are in fact very innocent
  • The looks: It is a fact that most young animals manage to look very appealing to the eye. This in spite of having spindly legs, a disproportionate head and very clumsy movements. But somehow the newness that they have along with their lovely eyes make for a really cute and pretty look.

It could be one of the above factors or a combination of any of them that adds to the appeal of young animals. But no matter what it is we can say for sure that no matter what your feelings are in general with regard to animals, baby animals are too cute to resist. Hope these Cute Pictures of Baby Animals will make your heart smile.


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