6 Different Lip Piercing Types You Should Know About

Philtrum Piercing, which is parallel
This is a not so common version of lip piercing that is seen passing through the upper portion of your lip, which is just underneath the nose. The thing that is different about this is that it never goes through the upper lip, rather it comes out on both sides of the nose.

Ashley style Piercing
This style is also known as the “inverse vertical labret.” This type of piercing goes via the lower portion of lip like a vertical labret but the difference is that one end is on the top portion of the lip and the other end is within the mouth

These come in various styles. Among the popular ones are the snake bites. These are simplistically put a pair of labret style piercing on each side of the lower lip, giving a snake fang like look. These are slightly modified and also known as angel bites when occurring on the top lip instead of the bottom lip.

A medusa type piercing with a vertical labret is also known as cyber bite. Spider bites are a pair of piercing which are on the same side of the bottom lip done to be close together. Viper bites are quite alike when compared to spider bites except that the two piercings have some space between them, though both piercings are on the same part of the lip.

When a person has both an angel bite and snake bite, then this phenomenon is known as the dog bite.

With the increased spread of the popularity of these piercings, the youngsters are drawn towards this. We all know that piercings have originally been part of our lives throughout history especially among the tribal people. Undertaken with proper precautions and care post the piercings, you can really make this look work for you!