10 Best Destinations For Art And Artists

Want to know what has happened to all those aspiring artists? Have they moved out of cities like Melbourne, New York, Barcelona and all those urban locations due to cost of living? In fact newer artist colonies are coming up in the most unlikely places across the world. Art Centers, projects financed by local urban authorities and plenty of public works are part of the facilities these new locations provide to creative artists who come there looking for a place. Given below are eight popular destinations:

Hong Kong may be part of the People’s Republic of China, but it is an entirely different world. A city to cater to all tastes, it is not at all surprising that a thriving set of artistic people is based in this city of contrasts. A rather small but growing area – San Lazaro is literally humming with creativity. From hip converted hotels to the project Creative Macau, all elements in the area nurture art. The Lines Lab that believes in the artist as much as the art itself is drawing new talent with their Design and Fashion Lab.

Hong Kong, Sheung Wan Market

Brazil’s artistic community is far away from the sands and surf of Rio. It is in Sao Paulo, a noisy and vociferous place, Brazil’s own version of New York. This vibrant metropolis offers you vibrantly colored and politically inspired art on the streets. Huge fluorescent depictions are displayed on decrepit old buildings to hoardings. What is more as the final assent to creative works the MuBE, the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture hosts display space for graffiti artists.

Brazil, Ouro Preto

You will be drawn to the lovely Gallic language, culture and people. But what will make you stay in the Mile-End Nabe are the endless art galleries, combined spaces and social cafes. This place has become known as the place that is nurturing the coming group of indie musicians, who let their hair down every Sunday by having an impromptu jam session, known as tam-tam in Mount Royal. Now it has also become the center for those into couture, making it a good shopping destination.

In Freemont city, a blast from the past is back with a bang. It is now encouraging people with an artistic bent from all strata of life and is into the rebirth of the creative collective of Vegas. They want to make art the cynosure of everyone’s eyes with coffee, videographers, painters and vintage shops. At popular Hangout Don’t Tell Mama, many musicians get together and produce heart wrenching music to bring life to the old bar. Just a little distance away you will find The Attic, a vintage shop.

In a land where remarkable art is found usually in opera houses, Brussels sure likes to do the unusual. Theie landmark art is a mischievous little man taking a leak. The ever popular comic strip character Tintin can be seen everywhere. The home to the unusual, Brussels encourages occasions like Balloon Day Parade and the well-known Gay Pride Festivals on a monthly basis.


 If you are in love with the digital medium, then you will really enjoy being in Indonesia. With reputedly more Facebook users than the population of Canada, where visiting a net cafe is part of the daily routine, Indonesia invites interest of investors from the west. Collectives like Aksara for the creatively inclined is a bookshop providing a haven for the artists to get together and Serrum, a community for arts education and Kampong Segart provides impetus for the new wave of trend setters.

Floating market at Banjarmasin

 Memphis has taken the mantle of Austin with public art works. You may visit for the cuisine your creative side will like the initiatives like Live from Memphis and the Urban Art Commission. The icing on the cake is the month-long shindig celebrating foodies, at the World Championship BBQ Cooking Contest, musicians, at the Beale Street Music Festival, and a kitschy International Week at Memphis.

Memphis Night

 No beer halls but lots of public art. That is what you will find at Dresden. As a matter of fact Dresden is keen to make art reachable to everyone. To this end 1% of the city’s municipal budget is allocated for financing projects in the city. Apart from this street artists get to display their small pieces of art across the city and on the Internet on sites like Tumblr and Myspace which are dedicated to Dresden’s best.

Dresden Zwinger


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