What to Know Before Getting a Tattoo

What to Know Before Getting a Tattoo

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While many associate tattoos with biker gangs, they are prevalent in the general population: 26% of Americans reported having tattoos. Tattoos are a great way to personalize yourself with your interests. The art is intriguing, but as it permanently alters your body, you must make an informed decision about getting a tattoo. Here’s everything you must know before you get a tattoo:

1. Take Your Time Deciding on a Tattoo Design

Your tattoo will stay with you forever unless you get a laser tattoo removal, which is a time-consuming process that costs a great deal. Be sure to put some thought into your desired tattoo rather than getting one impulsively.

Tattoos are a unique way of cherishing your friends and family. Consider getting something meaningful, like your wife’s and children’s names, or commemorate a special memory through body art. You can also celebrate your interests through tattoo art.

You also must decide where you want your tattoo and what ink colors you should choose. Some people don’t want to display their body ink, while others get tattoos on their arms: it depends on your comfort. Ensure that you are happy with your tattoo design. A tattoo artist can help you develop the perfect idea if you need help.

2. Choose a Reputable Studio

Inking your body requires extreme caution, so research the potential tattoo artists and studios. Do not go to unhygienic places with bad reviews. You can get a tattoo infection if your artist uses contaminated ink or water. Non-sterile tattoo needles and not cleaning the skin with an antiseptic agent can also cause an infection. You must ensure your studio uses sterile instruments and has a hygienic environment.

If you are getting a tattoo for the first time, pay a visit to the studio first to check the environment and talk to the tattoo artist. Choose a studio with a comfortable vibe and a friendly artist to alleviate your anxieties.

3. Understand That Tattooing Can Be Painful

While tattoos look fantastic, getting one involves depositing ink through a needle deep inside your skin, which is a painful process. While tattoo pain is tolerable, prepare yourself for some pain if this is your first time getting a tattoo. The pain depends on the tattooing technique used and the area tattooed. Tattooing on body parts with more fat and fewer nerve endings, like arms, is less painful than tattooing on body parts with more nerve endings, like the head and neck. Using a numbing cream like Numbed Ink can reduce your tattoo pain.

4. Give Your Body Time to Heal

You will need to allow your body to heal after a tattoo. An effective healing regimen involves a healthy diet and comfortable clothes. Eat nutritious foods a few days before and after your tattoo appointment. Enjoy foods rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C, which helps heal wounds. Stay hydrated so your body can revitalize itself.

Avoid inflammatory foods, processed meals, sweets, and dairy products. Avoid alcohol and caffeine for a few days before and after your tattoo appointment, as they can thin your blood and increase the chances of bleeding. Wear comfortable and loose clothes during your appointment, as you will be in a fixed posture for a significant time. Make sure your clothes are clean, as dirty clothes can cause an infection.

Getting a tattoo permanently alters your body, so research the process thoroughly. Ensure you get a design you wouldn’t regret later, choose a reputable and hygienic studio, understand your pain tolerance, and know how to give your body time to heal. Consider getting a numbing cream to help with the tattoo pain.


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