Creative Essay Writing Ideas for College Students

As college students proceed with homework assignments, there is nothing worse than getting stuck in the middle of an essay writing or not knowing what topic to choose. We all need the inspiration to get creative juices flowing! The best way to address these problems quickly and efficiently is being creative by choosing innovative or unusual ideas even for the most boring topics. Narrative college essay ideas or compare-and-contrast thesis statements, – it all begins with a cleverly chosen topic that connects to each body paragraph. College professors expect clear reflection and argumentation of ideas, therefore, always choose something you can reflect on or have sufficient knowledge on the topic!  

As you browse through the myriad of different assignment types like narrative, reflective, persuasive, comparative or even controversial college essay topics, there are rules that apply to every case. The secret lies in proper analysis and preparation that should come first! Start with writing down the list of ideas that you know well, then continue with defining what kind of writing is expected, according to provided guidelines. The next step is narrowing down the general topic to something unique. For example, when writing of global warming, it is much better to focus on a particular area like chemical pollution of the rivers. Be specific and argumentative!

Another important aspect is knowing the difference between essay types, so it meets the expected structure. See how each topic idea differs, depending on the essay type:  


Is social media in colleges harmful to modern students? 

Should students be allowed to choose subjects? 

Do violent video games lead to actual violence? 

Should Liberal Arts students study Physics and Maths? 

Is there an alternative to college debts issue? 


Students should not be allowed to use Facebook during lectures. 

E-Books cannot replace actual print copies. 

Birth Control measures should be made available to all college students. 

There should be more scholarship opportunities today. 

American English should be considered as a separate language. 

Cause and Effect. 

What effect does Instagram have on body image? 

How is technology transforming modern education? 

What causes teenage depression? 

Is Autism related to vaccination? What caused Icelandic economic growth? 


A negative example of bad parenting. 

What social problems impact me personally. 

The moral challenge faced in life. 

American Dream. 

What true love means to me. 

Compare and Contrast. 

Do female students succeed more in volunteering? 

Social Media or Clubs: the dangers of both. 

North Korea versus Cuba. 

High School and College life challenges.

APA and MLA styles: Important differences. 


Do African American people feel neglected in college?

Are all black colleges fair? 

Social media & the ways to fight world poverty. 

Children should be allowed to vote. 

Animal shelters should be supported by the government. 

Students and teachers should work on curriculum materials together. 

Controversial Essay. 

Should students report suspected plagiarism issues? 

Genetic experiments must be forbidden. 

Should teachers discuss immoral behavior?  

An impact of hip hop lyrics on college communications. 

Should first-year immigrants study separately? 

Regardless of the topic chosen, it should fully meet narration type, so there is no risk of missing the styling. In several cases, students can mix persuasion with argumentation, so emotional effect is increased. If there is reflective writing, many topic ideas can be used like overcoming inner fears, breaking up with a friend or even using courage as an essay topic! When dealing with creative writing, remember that any information that is not coming from a personal view should be supported with a source. It will not only help to make essay reliable but will minimize possible plagiarism risks.

According to the academic community and numerous research reports, even with good college essay topics, many students fail to connect topic to each paragraph and connect it with the main thesis statement. It also brings in structure, plagiarism, logic, and serious proofreading problems that lead to low grades and revisions. The safest way to address these issues is professional writing help that guarantees expert editing, so the final essay is fully proofread. A list of available assistance provided at custom essays service by meets the required criteria by focusing on spelling, grammar, structure, formatting, style, and checking every detail. Only a trained expert can see and fix the mistakes an average student could have easily omitted! 

From Good Topic to High Confidence

The practice of writing a successful essay confirms that choosing an awesome essay topic for a college assignment can be quite challenging, yet there are ways to make it fit within personal skills and resources. Once a choice has been made and a draft has been written, always proofread your text aloud to hear how it sounds and define whether it has the desired effect. Edit your paragraphs for clarity, avoid long sentences, and provide real-life experience or famous references to add a dramatic effect to narration, if necessary. If you sound confident and each idea is supported by an academic source, it will also impress your college professor and show that proper research has been done. 


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