Flower Arrangement – Learn What It Is All About

We have seen that a flower arrangement can make a room come alive and can make all the difference to the way one feels when one is in a room where a lovely flower arrangement has been placed. While we have always enjoyed the aesthetic effect and the fragrance of having flower arrangements in a room, many of us do not think much about the technical and artistic aspects of flower arrangements. But the fact is we feel that you should study the art of flower arrangement and the beauty of it to learn a bit more about this lovely addition of cheer to any space. While you are at it, you can also learn how to pair flower vases for the best results. The thing is that once you are into flower arrangement and learn what it is all about, it can be a useful skill to have and you can become addicted to it.

Once you are into flower arrangement and learn what it is about, then you can also look at creative ways to decorate your house with flowers. This can be a useful talent not only for your home but also your workspace.

Flower Arrangement – Learn What It Is All About

The ten basic flower arrangements will consist of local, line and filler flowers to make them.

The pyramid: This one is rarely seen but it does exist with a triangular base and is very tall and can be used as the centerpiece for a table.

Dome: This arrangement is circular and the container for this one has to be medium in height. This one is a symmetrical one with the same distribution of flowers all around.

Crescent: This is a difficult one to achieve because the curve has to look the same from all angles and for this to happen, you need to keep the weights balanced.

Horizontal: This one is an arrangement that is low but the length is twice the height. To get a balance, it has to have flowers of the same length on both sides.

Inverted T: This one is like the alphabet T but in reverse. So this means, the flowers on three sides have to be of the same type and the length on one side could be different from the others.

L shaped: The arrangement is shaped like the letter L and for this to happen you have spread the flowers asymmetrically but still balanced.

Fan: The fan arrangement is something that uses flowers that have long and firm stems and you can really creative in the center portion of the fan.

Triangular: Use line flowers to create a triangle and ensure that the height is more than the width in this arrangement.

Oval: This arrangement works better in a somber occasion like funerals and this one follows a 360-degree arrangement.

Vertical: A tall and narrow arrangement and can be a bit on the severe side.

The thing about flower arrangements is that a lot of the choices you make will depend on the kind of flowers you have access to and the kind of overall color theme to adhere to. Then there is the additional factor of your personal taste and what appeals to you as well as the kind of vases and baskets you have access to. There is indeed a lot of creative leeway in the way you arrange flowers depending on a lot of factors and how you feel, but it is also good to know some of the technical aspects. Which is why we want you to study the above but use them as needed.


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