20 Beautiful Abstract Paintings Of Love

They say that the best painters suffer for their art as they paint what they feel and it is often this angst that shows up on the canvas. And the paintings that show you what the artist was wanting to depict are the ones that are considered the best. While on the subject of painting what you feel, we should say that love would be one of the themes that must be very popular in this line of work. While love is a vast subject and can cover a lot of scope, it can also be as simple as you want or as layered and convoluted as you want. We are sure that when it comes beautiful abstract paintings of love, you will find that starting the work as well as stopping it would be both difficult. Painting love as an abstract concept should definitely be in the list of abstract acrylic painting ideas.

We feel that painting such abstract concepts would require a certain amount of preparation and study so that you are able to express what you feel on canvas. To do so, you will need to study plenty of beautiful examples of abstract expressionism art works so that you have a lot of foundation to work with. We also suggest you look at the many styles of paintings and know more so that you are clear on how you are going to create beautiful abstract paintings of love.

Beautiful Abstract Paintings Of Love

When it comes to abstract art on love, we are sure that one’s mind tends to focus on the cliched concept of romantic love. And one cannot be blamed for thinking in this way because romantic love is one aspect of love that is talked about and even written about and shown in movies. The fact is that the fate of humanity depends on humans going ahead with romantic love if one can look at it from that point of view. But that is not all love is about; love is also about one’s love for parents, siblings, children and even the world at large. Without love, life would indeed be a sad place to live with nothing nice to offer.

If you are planning on painting love in the form of an abstract painting of love, then you need to be clear on which kind of love you will be depicting. Even in abstract concepts, it is best to be clear on what you want to depict and this way you will be able to move your brush around to get it to do what you want it to do. For instance, you can decide you want to depict romantic love but of the kind that shows the pain of being separated from one’s love or if you so wish you may decide that your abstract painting will be based o the erotic and physical aspects of love. This is something that will help you then paint what you want on the canvas.

On the other hand, one of the most important aspects of love is the love that a mother has for her child and this can also be a noteworthy concept to depict in your beautiful abstract depiction of love. Another important aspect of love in the abstract form of love is the one that we humans have for the natural world in general.

This can be something that you can depict for the social betterment of the world on the whole. Another abstract concept of love that you can show in the form of abstract painting is one of a person’s love for their art or skill.


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