How To Make A Braid: Step By Step

Are you one of those people who believes that creating hairdos is an art? Many people may be on the fence in this regard but the fact is that styling hair is an art and one that requires a lot of skill, talent and the right technique to do. While creativity in this kind of art is different from the other types of art, there is definitely an element of creativity involved in this but this only works if you have the basic techniques right. In this article, we will tell you how to make a braid step by step so that you have techniques right and can move on to becoming more creative about it. It cannot be compared to something like how to draw a crowd and some tips to get you going but you both braiding as well as drawing crowds requires some basic techniques.

Learning how to make a braid step by step is not in the same league as awesome hair drawings for fashion and art too. Arranging and styling hair in a certain way is definitely an art that is based in practicality whether it is simply creating a coif that rocks or supercool punk hairstyles to try this year. In fact, in many ancient cultures, there was a lot of importance to artists who work with hair and the styling of it and many artists who work with hair even today go through extensive training to do so.

How To Make A Braid: Step By Step

The first step to do this is to ensure that you have hair that is of at least a certain length. Hair that is too short may be very difficult to braid.

Start with combing the hair: If you are just starting on braiding hair, then it is better to go with hair that is not washed just that day. But at the same time, hair that is too dirty and greasy may not be the best way to go. The first step is to comb and detangle the hair. Run your comb thoroughly through your hair before you start braiding.

Divide hair into parts: Since we are talking about somebody who doesn’t know about braiding, it is better to pull all hair back and start with a simple and single braid in the back of the head. You will need to divide the combed hair into three parts to start braiding. Since you have two hands and the hair has been divided into three parts, you may find it a bit of a challenge to handle in the beginning. We suggest that you keep shifting the two portions of hair that are not currently braiding into one hand and using the one hand to braid.

Start braiding: When you analyse braiding, you will realize that it is simply a matter of putting one portion of hair over the other. We suggest that you start with your active hand. If you are right handed, then put the braid on the right side over the portion of hair in the middle bringing it to the right. Then pick up the section on the left and cross it over the middle to bring the erstwhile right portion to the left and the left into the middle. Keep going on with the same process and end it much before you reach the hair tips. Keep a scrunchie or hair band in place to tie the tips of your hair once you are done braiding.

Once you are done with learning the basic braid, you can move on to fishtail braid with two parts or the hugely elaborate five portion braid or the bit by bit French braid and so on.


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