40 Creative No Smoking Posters to Print

Smoking is not a healthy habit to have, of that we all agree but what has that got to do with art? The fact is that art works at not only pleasing the senses but can also be used to show a worthy and impactful message. If you don’t believe us, then we suggest that you give another thought to the maxim that one picture is worth a thousand words. See, now you know what we mean by saying that art can do double duty; one of pleasing the senses and the other of provoking thought and spreading sensible messages as needed. The fact is that we need all the help that we can get when it comes to coming up with creative no smoking posters to print. Think of the opposite of beautiful love posters to print out and you may touch upon what to put on a no smoking poster.

If you are trying to reach out to the audience who goes for this kind of thing, then you should consider endearing and daring Disney villains’ art to show that smoking is not allowed because it is not good. The thing is that in most instances, you will find that coming up with concepts for creative no smoking posters to print may not be all that difficult, but if you lack inspiration then you can look at the world of illustrious illustrations to keep you occupied.

Here Are Some Ideas For Creative No Smoking Posters To Print:

Most people who or rather all of the people who smoke do so in spite of knowing that it is not good for them. Then you must wonder why they do smoke? Which is why you need to be careful about what kind of messaging you will put on creative no smoking posters. Telling people not to smoke because it is not good for them is no use because they know that and they are also aware of the fact that it is not an inexpensive habit to have.

Most people who smoke do so because they get a kick from smoking at least in the beginning and as time goes on it is more to do with associated memories of the pleasure they used to get when they started smoking. No doubt there is a pleasure to be had but as people smoke it keeps coming down which is why they have to smoke more to get the same amount of enjoyment from it.

The thing is that smoking can be not only the cause of lung damage, but also affects your overall health. It can increase your propensity to having heart trouble and with women, it also affects they reproductive health and is known to promote the formation of cellulite while contrarily helping suppress appetite. We are taking you through these facts, because we want you to know that designing a no smoking poster with these messages can be relatively ineffective.

The approach to take would be to focus on how a person’s smoking can affect the health of their loved ones. One can also bring in the economics of the situation and the way it makes them seem unattractive. People are more prone to reacting to shock treatment (talking about how it affects the health of loved ones) and vanity (telling them about bad breath and forming of cellulite) than simply the health disadvantages.

Sometimes it could be as simple as laying down the law saying that smoking will be punished with some strong penalties as no amount of reasoning and messages could change their mind about smoking. Do look at the no smoking posters we have given here and let us know what you think.


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