Learn How To Draw Eyebrows That Look Real And Really Good

One of the main aspects of art especially art involves drawing and painting is learning how to reproduce the face well. You may think, what is there to a face? It is after composed of the shape of the head and face and the various features. Sure, the lines of the face are a bit complex and need some study and practice to get right, but it is hardly something that should bother an artist who is serious about his or her art. However, you are forgetting that cheekbones, jawline, forehead, nose, lips, eyes, ears and the various lines on the face are not the only things you have to master. In fact, if you rewind what we have said a bit earlier, you will realize that the eye alone poses a challenge. You will have to learn how to draw an eye and that too step by step. But that is not we are talking about here but about learning how to draw the eyebrows and that too draw them well.



You will soon find out how faces play an important role in inspiring art due to this and other factors. You may find that studying compelling and creative charcoal drawings to capture your eye will stand you in good stead when it comes to mastering this elusive skill of drawing the eyebrow.


Before you even plunge into learning how to draw eyebrows, we advise you to spend some time studying them. Ask any woman and she will tell you that having eyebrows that are in good shape will make all the difference to the way the face looks. And on those days that the eyebrows are not groomed well, the effect on your face is adverse. What is more, the shape and the thickness of your eyebrows can change your entire look and the way your face looks. That is why you need to master how to learn the eyebrow and do it well.


Start with mastering the eye and forehead area. Choose the kind of eyebrow shape and outline you want to go with. The first thing you will have to determine is how the eye will be shaped. As you may be, aware eyes come in many shapes and even sizes. First draw the eye out and then go on to drawing the eyebrow. Start with a thin line to get the curve of the eyebrow right. We would also caution you spend some time looking at the line to be sure that it has turned out the way you wanted it to.


Once you do, draw another thicker line that will outline the shape of the eyebrow to complete the lower and upper portion of the eyebrow. The thickness of the eyebrow will have to realistic and you also have to factor in the tapering effect that well shaped eyebrows tend to have on most people’s faces. Once you have the outline of the eyebrow down pat, you will need to gently and softly fill in the hair that is part of the eyebrow.


Work at creating a textured effect so that the hair on the eyebrow looks realistic. When you study eyebrows, you will realize that the hair on the eyebrow is not even all over. In some places, you will realize that it is thick and in some places it is a bit on the sparser side. You will find that while the instructions here are fairly simple, it may be difficult to do in practice. However, we feel that you should keep at it to ensure that you get it right.


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