How to Draw an Eye: Step by Step Guide

Here is step by step guide to draw an eye. Most of us have an idea of how to draw the human eye. We are often known to produce a rather primitive drawing of an eye, which will have the combination oval shape with fishtail like edges with the pupil and iris in the middle. It is sketch that will be recognizable as the shape of person’s eye, but by no means is it an unacceptable version of a realistic looking eye.

To get an idea about how complex it can be to draw the picture of an eye that is as near as possible to the real thing, you need to take a look at a close up of an eye. Observe it closely and carefully to know what are the separate components that make up an eye. There is the pupil which is the dark area in the center of the eyeball. This part reacts to light by becoming smaller and dilating under different circumstances. Then there is the surrounding portion which is the iris. This defines the hue of our eye. It is made up of many shades and highlights and is not a simple or solid blotch of color. You need to be very careful while working on this area to make the eye look good.

Usually depending on whether a person is indoor or outdoors, the light will be reflected as a spot of white in differing sizes. You also have take into account the shape and the size of the eye. You need to factor in the fact that the eye is a curved surface and not a flat one while you are trying to draw it.

Here are some tools that you may require to draw an eye:

  • Wood Cased pencil – 2h
  • Mechanical pencil – 2b .5
  • Eraser that is kneaded
  • Blender to blend colors
  • Smooth paper.

Here are the steps in the process:
Start with the outline of the eye to show the general shape. You can use the mechanical pencil to do this while ensuring that the outline is not too dark.

Use the pencil to fill out the pupil while taking care not to apply too much pressure. You can darken it by using a layering technique.

Using color blender rub some graphite from the pencil on to the drawing.

Use mechanical pencil to outline the area that you have shaded.

Fill the area surrounding the pupil with the mechanical pencil.

Now concentrate on the area just outside the iris and add shadows to provide depth.

Blend the area from the inner place to outwards.

Draw the area around the iris with the 4b pencil. Take care not to press too hard. Take the eraser and use it pull some highlight from the area outside the pupil.

Now blend the area that you outlined earlier.

Now draw out an outline based on the eye shape, taking care to keep the outline light. Simply make the area below the outline darker.

Use your eraser create more highlights around the outer edges of the iris. This will create a textured effect.

unlike the earlier step where the highlights were straight in this step we will add highlights that are angled.

Using the mechanical pencil, add some darkness to the shadows surrounding the iris. Also shade the fold below the eyebrow and over the eyelashes.

Now darken the iris and tack on some reflections of the eyelashes. Add the eyelashes with an angle except for those in the middle.

Now add the lower part of the eyelashes. These have to be a tad lighter.

Now that you have all these details down, you can start working on your ideas and use these techniques to create great images of the human eye.



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