Lovely Leaf Cutting Art To Let The Artist In You Loose

When it comes to art, the biggest artist of all and one who manages to surprise us at all times is Mother Nature. Not only is she a supreme artist, she is also an inspiration to those who are into art providing us not only with ideas but also raw material. We should be thankful for the ways in which she keeps making our lives so full of sensual delights with so many visuals to see, feel, touch, smell and experience. This article is also going to be dedicated to just one tiny example of her largesse – leaves. We see vegetation around all the time and in our grind of mundane daily lives, we often forget to look at the details. A leaf is one such part of nature that we tend to take for granted. But if you pause to think about it, you will realize that leaves can be such an object of beauty and the best part is that they come in so many shapes, sizes and dimensions. No wonder you have pretty popular Peepal leaf art for a pristine effect.







Come to think of it, that is just one kind of leaf but when you look at nature, you realize there are so many that you can probably do some kind of art based on one leaf a week and never run out of options. That is why there are no doubt many innovative examples of leaf painting. It is not only flowers that inspire like the peaceful lotus flower painting ideas but also the leaves that inspire you to all kinds of art.







Here are some steps you can follow to try leaf cutting art that you will need to follow:

The first thing you need to do in order to try leaf cutting art, is to look at the different types of leaf shapes in and around your area. Do not be too shocked to notice that there are plenty of choices to go with. We suggest that you start your leaf cutting art with leaves that are not too small and with a relatively simple shape and design. You can always move on to the more complex ones, once you have mastered the art of cutting simple leaf shapes.







Cutting into leaves to create the kind of shape or design you want will require you to be very careful in the handling of the leaf. After all, leaves are biodegradable and tend to dry out and crumple into nothing but dust after a certain period of time. We suggest that you learn of ways in which you can make the leaf last so that you can cut the kind of design you want into the leaf. It is also better to look for leaves that have a bit of veins like structures running through them. These can be made a part of your design and can add an extra dimension to the work of art you are creating.







Apart from a creative way of thinking and a knack for seeing hidden art potential in a leaf, this kind of art also needs a lot of patience and delicate handling. It is definitely suited for people who like to work passionately and quickly with their hands. The thought and movements have to be slowed to fit into the delicate shape and texture of the leaf. But let us tell you that once you have done something like that, it will fill you with pride and make you more aware of the environment than ever before. Do look at the leaf cutting works of art that we have shared and tell us what you think.


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