Some Useful Tips On How To Paint On Glass

Glass is such a nice surface that can add a touch of brightness and sheen no matter where it is used. Normally speaking one does not consider the concept of painting on glass surfaces at all. Not because it will not look good but because it is a bit difficult to do. The fact is that people have painted on glass or how else would you be able to come across artistic wine glass painting ideas that will make your drinking sessions even more colorful. We are sure by now you will be pleased to know that there are many vitally wonderful wine glass designs to make you smile and attempt to do yourself in order to add a decorative touch or two around the home. In this article, we will give you some useful tips on how to paint on glass so that you can proceed with projects like this.


Once you learn how to start painting on glass objects so that you have a fascinating art project to do when the mood strikes you.


Here are some useful tips on how to paint on glass surfaces:

Preparation: The first step would be to prepare the glass surface on which you will be painting. Which means ensuring that the surface is clean of any dirt or dust. You may use warm water and soft soap to clean out the surface. And once you have cleaned the surface, we suggest that you dry it fully using an absorbent cloth or better yet paper towels to ensure that it is completely dry. Another caution you may need to practice is wearing gloves while handling the glass so that the oils on your skin do not smudge the surface.


Coverage: You will realize that a surface like glass needs more paint and coverage due the smoothness of the surface. If you are looking at creating an opaque effect, you will need to add several layers of paint but be careful to let each layer dry before you apply a fresh coat on top for the right effect. Another useful tip would be to place a white sheet below the glass surface you are painting so that you can see clearly the design you are painting.


The kind of paints: You will be well advised to use paints like acrylic enamel paints, which can be really durable and longer lasting. Ensure that you shake the container of paints well before you start using them to ensure a smooth finish. If possible, do not mix the paints with water, as it will dilute the effects that the application of the paints will have on the glass surface. Another thing you have to remember is that even the water remaining in the brushes after you have washed them will weaken the effect of the paints you are using. For just creating color effects, you can dilute the paints a bit and apply them but do so with care. If you are not too sure about what you are painting, then you can use a marker that can be used on glass surfaces to outline the designs you want to paint.


Maintenance: One of the main things that you have remember about painted glass objects is that after you are done with the project, they need to be handled with care and caution. Ensure that you hand wash them and that too with the mildest soap. It would also be a good idea for the paints not to be on the inner side of dishes (if you are painting on them) to touch beverages or food stuff.


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