Cute, Soft, Cuddly And Funny Felt Animals’ Art

As a grownup, it may not be considered entirely apt for you to be found drooling over cute cuddly stuffed animals unless you wanted to be seen as an eccentric one. However, let us admit that most of us do drool over these and do tend to have a cuddle or two when you are out buying cuddly stuffed toys for kids. However, this article will make you feel good because it is about felt animals’ art, which means that you can make cute animals using felt but label it as an art or craft. The best aspect of felt animals’ art, is that you can create the animal in the way you want it instead of the standard cutesy stuffed animals that you get in the market. If you want to get inspired, you can look at cute pictures of baby animals to make your heart smile. This will send your thoughts and creativity in the right direction. And the best part about working on felt animals’ art is that it need not always be a toy. You can use it to decorate other things and use it for other purposes.







For further idea generation for felt animal art, you may also have a look at the playful and charming aspects of balloon art. We would also like to draw your attention to lovely and cute elephant tattoo designs for further inspiration on how create different types cute, soft, cuddly and funny felt animals’ art.







You may have wondered why we decided to go with felt for this art, and the reason for that is simple. It is soft and feels great to touch and is less fussier to clean than the kind of materials used to created stuffed toys. You can also get felt, which is a pressed textile fibers and can be made of cotton, wool or from synthetic fibers. It comes in a wide variety of colors making it easy for you to add a nice touch of color to the animal art project that you would work on. According to us, the best aspect of felt animals’ project is that you need not stick to the conventional bear or bunny that is seen in the readymade stuffed animals available in the market.







While felt art requires a bit of planning, cutting patterns and a bit of stitching, you can also involve the young ones in the project. In fact, you will find that kids do tend to have some great ideas and this can be a good addition to the kind of art that you are working on. Ranging from big things like toys for kids to play or even cute cushions, this kind of art can also involve the creation of nice hair ornaments or even key chains. If you are so inclined, you can also create hand puppets to put up a little bit of story telling for the kids at home or at school.







On the practical side, you can also work on pouches and mobile covers using felt and adding small cute touches on to it to make them look like the animals that you fancy. You can also further think of adding small felt animals as embellishments for your kids’ jackets and shoes and make them unique. The best part is that you need not be that great at drawing as you can use stencils and design patterns to cut the felt and add simple touches with use of marker pens and some needlework stitches. We are sure by now you have eagerly looked at all the images we have provided of felt animals’ art, do tell us what you think.


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