Luminous Light Paintings For Your Absolute Delight

We are sure that if you are into the visual arts, then you know that the play of lights and the way shadows can affect the nuances of the final product are a big part of your thinking. In fact, it is said that the way leading ladies look on screen has a lot to do with the way they look under the lights of the camera and that many a stunning lady did not make the cut because the shadow of her nose on her features made her look not as beautiful on screen as she is off screen. It is also said that many a leading lady has gotten selected because the lights and the camera render her more beautiful on screen than she really is. Now that we have talked a lot about light in the beginning of this article, we are sure that you have guessed that this article is about – you guessed it right – light! This article is going to look at luminous light paintings which takes the way light disperses and represents it on the canvas and not just about things like original light bulb aquarium décor ideas or some concepts like that.

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 But you know that when it comes to art, there is no escaping how light can transform everything and this is seen even in something as simple as terrace light decoration ideas. You know you have grown up when you start considering ways tea lights can make your home look more adult but this article goes beyond that. In this article we are going to consider dark backgrounds on which light is creating a good contrast like the way the lights of a Ferris wheel seem to light up the whole horizon when seen in contrast to a darkening sky.

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It could also be the way light outlines the silhouette and the movement of a dancer when seen in profile against a darkened background. Light can literally represent animation and movement in a painting that is done on a flat background and this while not easy to achieve is worth the effort. Many an artist have been so absorbed in their quest to master the representation of light on canvas, that they felt even one complete lifetime may not be enough to master it. in fact, many of the great masters of the past have worked at making light their central subject rather than being just guided by how light can transform anything.

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Today we are very fortunate in that whether it is tools or materials that can be used to represent light, we have plenty of both to ensure that the end product comes out looking the way we want it to. Imagine how much harder this process would have been if we did not have the wherewithal to use these tools and materials. In fact, if you are a purist, we suggest that you try light paintings without using any of these modern materials at your disposal. Once you do, you will find that any work that you produce using such materials goes beyond your wildest imagination.

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Of course, there are some modern artists who have simply used lights and shadows to create their art work. It is a different kind of work that is more of an installation art rather than something that is painted. In such cases, the artist has to not only use his or her imagination but also master some technical aspects like the rigging of lights and ensuring that they work the way they should. If they did not, the effect of the art would be completely spoiled.


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